Act one, Chapter Three: 13-A

17th Jan 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 13-A
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Jan 11:09 PM, 2013
He got embarrassed, I think.

I actually really like the lineweight in the first panel. I feel like I got it pretty close to what I'd like everything to look like.


lasjdfj 18th Jan 1:15 AM, 2013
I like the first panel. I feel like he forgot himself. Like he didn't mean to stare at her so long. Her own reaction is great too. Like she wasn't able to look away until he broke the gaze. I also enjoyed the fact that she says he's frightening but won't admit he's ugly. Things are HAPPENING!!!
MsMegan 18th Jan 11:31 AM, 2013
I KNOW! About time, right?!
cattservant 18th Jan 12:21 PM, 2013
A dual direction
And definite connection.
Taking them by surprise
Somewhere behind their eyes!
Dyl 18th Jan 7:02 PM, 2013
...are there no mirrors in the place?
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 7:59 PM, 2013
I don't have any theories to add to this (I know, sad), but I do adore this page. I like how Beauty is blushing in the third panel and how she isn't certain how to respond to the Beast's question. She doesn't say he's ugly, instead admitting that she finds him frightening - which is reasonable, under the circumstances. Her honesty is a plus here, though I expect a slightly sad Beast face on the next page as a result - or at least some self-deprecating amusement. Also, I have to say, rather than find him ugly or frightening, I looked at the forth panel with the Beast's "Oro?" expression and was like, "OMG YOU'RE SO CUDDLY LET ME HUG YOU!" Ahem. But yeah, I would end up glomping the Beast at some point. He's he needs a hug.

In any case, I'm looking forward to your next update! See you, Megan.
Sam Noir 18th Jan 9:23 PM, 2013
I'm absolutely fascinated by the fact that all their direct and indirect interactions thus far all revolve around meals (whether it's facing each other across the table or her waking up to a prepared breakfast), yet we actually don't see them eat or see WHAT they eat. Which might be more indicative to the fact that The Beast never has any of the dishes or plates around him at the table... suggesting he won't dine in front of her?
Michaila 19th Jan 12:02 AM, 2013
In many versions of the tale, the Beast does not eat with Beauty, though they have dinner together. In a few versions, the Beast explains himself, saying that he only eats wild game and his eating habits are akin to that of a wild beast in the wilderness. In essence, he has horrible table manners and/or is unable to eat like a gentleman. (Just think of Disney's Beast trying to eat porridge...that's the only time we see him eat, isn't it?)
MsMegan 19th Jan 10:29 AM, 2013
10 points to Michaila!
Aco 20th Jan 8:03 AM, 2013
Hi! Great comic you're doing here :)

But I have a question, I hope it's not been asked before:
I was wondering why do you feel the need to underline each of your character's actions with a word floating around him/her? Your drawing is good enough for us to understand that the beast has closed his eyes in the first panel, no need to write it just beside him :) You should be more confident with your drawing. Or if you think we can't understand something without written indications, why not try to find an other way to show us?
You are doing real good work here, but I think it could be more "solid" if you managed refrain the urge to explain each gesture you draw: it's a comic book you're doing here, not a story board :)
(I 'm not sure I expressed myself just as I wanted: I'm french, and I don't write in english very often, so, sorry if I seem rude or not very clear in what I'm trying to tell :/)
MsMegan 20th Jan 12:06 PM, 2013
This is interesting. I've never been asked this before (although I have had the opposite pointed out). the "floating words" are meant more as sound effects or accents; the dimension comics don't access. I will note that, as you point out, my training is in storyboarding, and there are some things that transfer well and some that don't/ I'm going to have to think about it a little! Thank you for the critique.
Aco 20th Jan 12:27 PM, 2013
"Sound effects", yes that's how I understood/felt them.
But to be honest, they look more like a confession of weakness to me, than anything else. Do your eyes make any sound when you close them? (;
Don't forget that you have many other tools at your disposal.
For instance, in one of the previous pages, you added the word "mutter" when Belle is muttering. Even if her acting is quite clear, why not use a smaller typo or play with the shape of the balloon, instead ? Both?
I think it would be a more elegant way to underline your intentions than by simply writing them down.
Be inventive! :)
cattservant 20th Jan 4:35 PM, 2013
Micro-managing disquiets the flow...
Sam Noir 20th Jan 11:40 PM, 2013
It's a common enough device in Manga (which is sometimes translated in English language versions, and other times left intact as Japanese, with annotations).

Although not often used much anymore in most major publishers like Marvel or DC in their mainline titles, it's still seen often enough in "funny' comics. I'm thinking specifically of Tiny Titans or Superman Family Adventures.
Sam Noir 20th Jan 11:48 PM, 2013
From Tiny Titans.
Sam Noir 20th Jan 11:54 PM, 2013
and a Manga example.
<img src="" />
ranger_brianna_new 22nd Jan 1:11 AM, 2013
In the third to last panel, he certainly doesn't SEEM frightening. :P
Kim M 26th Jan 2:15 PM, 2013
I love this. Not just for the resolution of last page's staredown, but because Beauty's reaction has me wondering: what has she seen? Why is her heart racing? And does Beast read her reaction only as fright? As disgust? Is he right? Or is something else happening...?
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 11:01 PM, 2013
Staring someone in the eyes can be an intense experience, Beauty. I'm curious to know what you saw in his eyes, but I suppose that may be something touched upon later. At the very least, I'm not sure "ugly" was the first thing that came to your mind, given your surprise in the fourth panel. Frightful, yes, but not ugly. Personally, I think the Beast looks cuddly in the fifth panel, but I'm biased (laughs). Anyway, next page.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:25 AM, 2013
Perhaps it's because I'm watching "The Autobiography of Jane Eyre" on YouTube, thus revisiting my long-established love for the original novel, but I can't help but think of the classic Rochester/Jane exchange here: "Do you find me handsome, Jane?" "No, sir."
TolkienOverTwilight 28th Jan 4:53 PM, 2014
Is that Beauty's heart tump tumping!?