Act Three, Chapter Five: 31

13th Jul 1:28 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 31
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Jul 1:28 PM, 2018
Had to take poor Blackbird to Sick Kids last night, so we are updating a touch later than I like (though it's still Friday, so goal met!). I am hoping he will be well enough that I'm still able to make it out to San Diego next week. You can definitely still contact me via email or on tumblr about books if you will be there and would like to pick up an order.

Available Titles
-BATB volume 1
-BATB volume 2
-Gothic Tales of Haunted Love
-Wayward Sisters
-Secret Loves of Geek Girls Redux (zine)
-Disney Princess (various issues)

Also, I posted some work I did on the Disney biz a few years back over on the BATB tumblr!


Kawaii overload!!! 13th Jul 2:05 PM, 2018
Oh I saw that post!!!! I'm so glad I got to see it on tumblr. It's a shame that Disney didn't pick up your idea for a comic of their version of BatB, cause your art is so great! I would love to see more of it if it ever comes to pass, but who knows if that will ever happen. Still, awesome to see your style doing their story.
Mar-ee 13th Jul 2:09 PM, 2018
Sorry to hear about that

Also fantastic job on the page.
Guest 13th Jul 2:31 PM, 2018
Poor Blackbird hope he feels better
Quietly Anonymous 13th Jul 4:36 PM, 2018
"learn to live with you rather than give in to you"

or trying to deny it

seriously thank you for writing something that resonates so strongly with mental illness experience this is amazing
Cartoon Sara 13th Jul 6:21 PM, 2018
I appreciate the more ambiguous “many years” in the Disney pitch. The whole “ten years”/“his twenty-first year” thing is such a headache.
MK_Wizard 13th Jul 8:19 PM, 2018
I'm beginning to think he's past the point of even being a man with the level of wisdom he's gained. He's right. The past isn't something you can run from. You have take it with you and live with you.
The Doodler 16th Jul 12:38 PM, 2018
The Doodler
You tell 'em, Argus!
FelinaofL2 16th Jul 4:14 PM, 2018
Hope Blackbird feels better!

Oooo, I love your comic art for Disney's BatB and the changes you made-- showing the servants being transformed, Beast smashing a window of himself (and the cuts on his hand!), and changing the years clause of the curse. Shame it was never fully realized-- but on the other hand, we now have this exquisite gem!

I'm so, SO glad that Beast is telling Argus this, especially the "learn to live with you" instead of saying "conquer/overcome you". (Beast is totally facing Shadow!Argus and soon will attain his Persona True!Argus, because this overall scene has a lot in common with Persona 4.)
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 2:31 PM, 2018
"Maybe I need to learn to live with you"--his depression, his past, his weak and ugly parts--"rather than give in to you." Acceptance is an essential step in healing. "Maybe I've been afraid I wouldn't be a good man"--and there's no way to know that unless you try, and you've learned a lot during your time as a beast, Argus. "After all, I've been a beast for longer than ever I was anything else."--Haunting idea, that. Mortal life and society are going to be shocks to him. I imagine he'll probably have developed an aversion to crowds after all of this time, given that he's much more used to one-on-one encounters. I wonder if leaving the castle to give child!Beauty a rose might have resulted in a panic attack for him back then? The one advantage to the curse in the Disney version is at least the Beast wasn't totally alone and he was able to socialize (which wouldn't have been the case for much longer if Belle hadn't come around, but we'll skip past that tidbit of horror from the movie notes, shall we?). Here he'll need to do a lot of acclimating.