Act Three, Chapter Five: 32

16th Jul 10:35 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 32
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Jul 10:35 PM, 2018
OK, see you in San Diego!


ch1ck4do0dl3 17th Jul 12:16 AM, 2018
This comic is amazing, but these last few pages have clearly resonated with a lot of us, and this one is no exception. Thank you, MsMegan! (And I hope the kiddo is doing well and your convention adventures go well, too!)
Caro 17th Jul 12:35 AM, 2018
This is interesting though... if he won’t be transforming back again... will he become someone else in the end or just stay like this?! Hmmm...
Zanuka 17th Jul 7:04 AM, 2018
I think what he's trying to convey is "I have grown to be better than you...a figment of what I was." I don't think he's saying he would never go back to being human.
Guest 17th Jul 9:46 AM, 2018
I took this as he is not wanting to be this version of himself but a different one. One who faces his fears and handles his anxiety now with Beauty by his side to be a reassurance of what he gained.
Mar-ee 17th Jul 10:41 AM, 2018
Kinda the point past self. We all of that regret and if we thought we could, we'd try to change that past again
Annonymous Puffin 17th Jul 11:07 AM, 2018
I like the "a man whose face I've forgotten"... It explains why we never get to see his face properly (not that we needed an explanation for it, art-wise it's quite neat), but it also reinforces the long, long time he has spent as a beast (I mean, how much time does it take to forget a face you would have seen almost daily in a mirror? Okay, I'm rather rubbish at remembering faces, so I'd probably have forgotten mine the next day... but still)
Sybilla J 17th Jul 11:28 AM, 2018
No, because he can't go back to the man he was. But he can become the person he's meant to be.
Everyone has been saying this resonates with them and this page is the one that really got me. I feel you, Argus.
Like him, I can never go back to the person I was when I was suffering from depression/anxiety. Thankfully I am blessed to be healthy now, and I'm becoming something new, discovering the person I am beneath all of the bad stuff that I've been shedding off of me in the past few years.
I have always loved the BATB fairy tale more than any other, because learning to change, growing and transforming into a better person has always been an important story to me. Because it showed me that I, too, could change and get better. And now that I am older and have been through a sort of transformation myself (though it's one that has taken years, rather than overnight)- this is so satisfying to read.
I am so proud of Argus. And for anyone else who is going through something similar, I'm sorry and I know it's not easy. But you are definitely not alone.<3
KatieKat 17th Jul 12:06 PM, 2018
That is...fuckin' brilliant, pardon my language. I have no idea what this will mean in the physical sense, but to see Argus/Beast finally be on the road to recovery is beautiful.
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 2:53 PM, 2018
Clearly I'm going to have to start copying my comments before trying to post them, because the bus ate another one. (Sighs.)

Anyway, the Beast has finally learned to have compassion for himself and to forgive himself ("I'm sorry for what I did to you"). This is what will allow him to move on from who he was. "Would you be me again if you could?" his past self asks--and the Beast's answer of "no" is perfect. Of course he wouldn't want to become that person, even if that would mean being human again--doing so would mean erasing the lessons he's learned and the growth he's gone through. There's nothing to be gained by trying to go back. The Beast can only keep moving forward.

Also, the line "But I can't let the shadow of a man whose face I've forgotten dictate what I do now" is clever for a few reasons. First, it gives us an internal explanation as to why Argus' face has always been in shadow in flashbacks (externally, this is to delay the reveal of his human face). Second, it underscores the Beast's willingness to move on from his past. Third, the "shadow" could also apply to the other people in his past--his abusive mother, his negligent father, and his manipulative lover. All of them are long dead, so letting their memories continue to control his life would be a waste. Letting them go is difficult, of course, but is also essential to the healing process.