Act Three, Chapter Five: 33

20th Jul 3:56 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 33
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 20th Jul 3:56 AM, 2018
As some of you may have seen, in a press conference Wednesday afternoon, the release of my new book, Hit Reblog was announced along with the new line of Comixology original titles!

I'll be at San Diego Comic Con doing signings and panels all weekend, so please come and say hi! If you want to arrange to pick up one of my very, very limited copies of BATB or Disney Princess, get in contact and we'll schedule it!


10-11 am- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457


2-3 pm- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457

3:30- So You Wanna Edit Comics - room #8


12-1 pm- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457


11 am- Illustration: Sketch to final -room 24ABC

2 pm- The Memes, the myth, the magic - room 29AB

4pm- Signing, Comixology Originals booth 2457


Helena 20th Jul 4:24 AM, 2018
(Clap clap clap clap)
Wow, that was surprising. I expected that evil Argus turned into dust or vanished away and Beast regained his human form. What now?
KatieKat 20th Jul 7:10 AM, 2018
Wow...what beautiful framing. Fwiw, I appreciate that the original Argus received a proper memorial (with a cross). I know in the olden days suicide was considered a mortal sin, and if Argus' body had been found, he would have been consigned to unsanctified ground. If Beast can recognize that he's not damned to hell, then there's hope!
Guest 20th Jul 7:27 AM, 2018
Just realized something. Because human Argus should be behind him but we see a cross instead... does that mean that he has vanished and he's been talking to his grave or that he finally conquered the moment and ... it's morphin time?
MK_Wizard 20th Jul 9:27 AM, 2018
Judging by what I am seeing here, the Beast will not change back into Argus. He has evolved passed that now.
ch1ck4do0dl3 20th Jul 8:17 PM, 2018
Well, he won't go back to the emotional/mental state he was once in, but just as the grave in this page is symbolic of that, becoming human again would (and hopefully will) be symbolic of regaining his agency and responsibility to be a good person who comes with things as best he can.
MK_Wizard 20th Jul 8:18 PM, 2018
That's a good way of putting it. I do think he's going to become human again, but more importantly, he's become a better person.
Sunnybrook1 20th Jul 10:59 AM, 2018
"It's time I stopped fleeing the past..."
Stitchlingbelle 20th Jul 1:38 PM, 2018
Anonymous Puffin 20th Jul 3:11 PM, 2018
*silently hands you a tissue while using one herself*
Mar-ee 20th Jul 11:12 PM, 2018
Oohhhh big moment for him. You'll be okay though Beast/Argus *hugs*
Noelle-M 21st Jul 7:04 PM, 2018
Honestly, this is one of the deepest, most meaningful, and most well-thought-out comics I've read online. You weave hard and difficult concepts (suicide, relationships, families, social pressures, etc.) beautifully into the original narrative of BATB. It's been such a pleasure reading this comic thus far, and I've seen it grow so extensively and marvelously! Keep it going!
NanamiG 23rd Jul 2:12 PM, 2018
Okay, just want to be sure I'm clear (fanbase help me out...) -

Argus had a really difficult life and was betrayed by the women he knew, so he commuted suicide next to/on top of this scared (Magic?) fountain. Due to this, the crazy Castle took him as it's avatar to pay his debt for desecrating the fountain. And the Beast has been dragging around the guilt ever since, yes?
The Young Entity 4th Oct 7:44 PM, 2018
Finally back! There was a big move, and so much else happening... I'm so glad to get back! I missed everyone, comic characters, and real people!

Wow, a cross!
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 3:15 PM, 2018
"I think I'm finally ready to find that out."--Oh, Beast, I want to hug you. I'm so happy for you! Also, that last panel is stunning, Megan. The cross with the briar growing over it--the symbol of the castle that the Beast is stepping beyond--it's such a beautiful way to show the Beast putting his past to rest and leaving the castle and its curse behind him.