Act Three, Chapter Five: 34

23rd Jul 10:20 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 34
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 23rd Jul 10:20 PM, 2018
I'm home from San Diego! It's hard to transition back to a life encrusted with cheerio debris after being wined and dined for a week.

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Fluffy 23rd Jul 10:47 PM, 2018
Aornis to the rescue!!
Mar-ee 23rd Jul 11:53 PM, 2018
Ohhhh I think we know who those feet belong to 83 //points to comment above//
anon 24th Jul 12:13 AM, 2018
are his feet backwards or does he just not have paw pads
Zanuka 24th Jul 2:40 PM, 2018
There are pawpads, they just aren't outlined. You can see the bumps where they should be by the hatching just behind them.
the selkie wife 24th Jul 3:37 AM, 2018
aornis!!!!! good dog!!!
Guest 24th Jul 5:57 AM, 2018
What a good pupper.
KatieKat 24th Jul 10:02 AM, 2018
Y'all are great, I wouldn't have recognized that was Aornis if someone hadn't said something.

All dogs are the best dogs by default, but Aornis is still earning her spot on the top of today's list!
Guest 24th Jul 9:15 PM, 2018
Curious how to pronounce Aornis.
Fluffy 24th Jul 11:25 PM, 2018
I tend to use a long A followed by "Or" and "Nis".
The Doodler 26th Jul 11:31 AM, 2018
The Doodler
...I thought that was Argus for a sec, being quadrupedal because he was in a hurry. I feel dumb now. :p
MsMegan 26th Jul 1:35 PM, 2018
No, no. I was being opaque on purpose ;)
The Young Entity 4th Oct 7:45 PM, 2018
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 3:21 PM, 2018
Awwww, that's a mean trick to play on our hearts, Megan! But I'm happy to see the return of Aornis (from those much smaller paws and slighter frame), who I bet is going to help Beauty find her way to the Beast. I wonder why her spirit is lingering here, though? Did the Beast's attachment to her draw her into the castle, or did he euthanize her near the castle? Hard to say, but I'm still glad that our resident ghost puppy has returned!
eekee 27th Mar 3:38 AM, 2019
That little speed-up into a trot, there! :)

Edit: Derp! Thought it was Argus. The next few pages confused me a bunch! lol But it's the only time I've been seriously confused in the whole comic, which especially good for a comic in this black and white style.