Act Three, Chapter Five: 35

26th Jul 10:19 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 35
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MsMegan 26th Jul 10:19 PM, 2018
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Fluffy 26th Jul 10:46 PM, 2018
Aornis pulls at my heart strings every time she appears, especially when she is shown assisting Beauty.
Because here is this dog that loves her owner so much that she wants to help him find happiness even after her passing on Earth. She just wants Argus/Beast to be happy and acts as a guide to assist in that. It's a great way to prove Argus's "Beasts have no souls" bit wrong as well as just wholesome in general with seeing an animal acting so loyal and unconditionally loving towards her human companion.

Such a good pupper :,) On another note, I really hope there is some sort of Beast and Aornis reunion.
Guest 27th Jul 6:09 AM, 2018
Awwww. Oh my goodness. The pupper is so cute. A part of me wants the pupper to live again. But go with her, Beauty. She will show you the way!
Cartoon Sara 27th Jul 8:56 AM, 2018
Aornis, do you have WAGS? Where are the wags? Oh there they are! Those are good wags!

Puppy time.
Miss Elcia 27th Jul 10:16 AM, 2018
All the Castle's "little mice" are coming together for the last push.
Sybilla J 27th Jul 10:48 AM, 2018
she's barking because she sees her master! Which means next page is the reveal! Will he be changed? The same? ahhh this is killing me!
Mar-ee 27th Jul 8:21 PM, 2018
Spirit animal!
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 3:24 PM, 2018
"As, just as I hoped"--I think Swan Mom knows that Aornis being around means that the Beast has made the right choice. "I...I think I've seen this dog somewhere before"--yep, in your dreams, Beauty. "It seems I haven't been alone in watching over you."--I hope she means "you" in the plural sense, because the thought of Aornis watching over both Beauty and the Beast--even after Argus mercy-killed her--is really sweet.