Act Three, Chapter Five: 37

3rd Aug 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 37
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Aug 12:00 AM, 2018
Hey, you know what sounds great in a script like six years before you have to actually draw it? A bajillion roses.


Mar-ee 3rd Aug 12:26 AM, 2018
In other words she's offered to take Beast's place. Time for the goodbyes//waves to Beauty's mother//
DreamPiper 3rd Aug 12:55 AM, 2018
*grossly sobs*
Oh my gosh...
Alexandra 3rd Aug 2:02 AM, 2018
And then she became a swan statue encircles in thorns and roses...

So sad this scene!
Miss Elcia 5th Aug 11:28 PM, 2018
This ^ exactly this ^

It gives me Rose Daughter reference vibes and I love it.
Alexandra 3rd Aug 2:02 AM, 2018
And then she became a swan statue encircles in thorns and roses...

So sad this scene!
Guest 3rd Aug 4:32 AM, 2018
Oh wow. She is good.

Now go Beauty, your mother approved bf awaits
Anonymous Puffin 3rd Aug 5:00 AM, 2018
I'm not crying...*you're* crying! *sobs frantically*
Ovnuniarchos 3rd Aug 7:12 AM, 2018
It seems mortal can grant fae (or whatever swom is) wishes ;).
KatieKat 3rd Aug 9:40 AM, 2018
Elise, you clever brilliant genius of a bird!
Sybilla J 3rd Aug 10:24 AM, 2018
*sniffles* swan momma, noooooo. I wanna give Beauty a zillion hugs right now
Stitchlingbelle 3rd Aug 2:29 PM, 2018
Well, God knows if anyone's good with oaths and loopholes it's the Sidhe...
Narnia4Aslan 3rd Aug 4:11 PM, 2018
I love SwanMom's smile in the last panel. She is so happy, and so beautiful.

It is sad to see her "go", but it is the best kind of goodbye: a goodbye with love given, gratitude expressed, and a hope for a new beginning.
Morgan<3 4th Aug 3:29 PM, 2018
This is so beautiful I absolutely love it. The roses looks so good as well
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 4:01 PM, 2018
Back once again! So Beauty's mom cannot return with her, partially because she sacrificed her mortal form for Beauty's life, and also because she intends to take the Beast's place as the arbitrator of the castle (random editing note: check the spelling of "arbitrator" for the print). This is for the best, given that Elise seems to be more savvy on how to work with the castle on its contracts and isn't as emotionally vulnerable to its manipulations as the Beast was.

Beyond that, I love how Elise asks Beauty to give her love to their family--because while Beauty is getting her closure about her mom here, her sisters and father still need it. I also adore the message of people being able to make each other's wishes come true (in this case, a mortal making an immortal's wishes come true) without a magical contract. That's so sweet and welcome after seeing the damage that these contract can do, even if they were made with good intentions.