Act Three, Chapter Five: 38

6th Aug 10:38 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 38
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MK_Wizard 6th Aug 10:50 PM, 2018
So... it ends. Such a shame, but it was her fate. However, Beauty now has her life to live.
Mar-ee 6th Aug 11:05 PM, 2018
Bye Swan mom, Beauty will never forget this moment
Guest 7th Aug 12:12 AM, 2018
Last panel is beautiful
Aroura Nightshade 7th Aug 1:23 AM, 2018
Did swan mom say young MAN?! She did! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Spoony Viking 7th Aug 8:51 AM, 2018
Hasn't she been referring to him as a young man for a while, now? I don't think it means anything.
Vain.3805 7th Aug 7:02 PM, 2018
Sure it does! It means he has the capacity to be more than his fuzzy exterior!
Guest 7th Aug 6:02 AM, 2018
Yay! This is beautiful and bittersweet.
Kawaii overload!!! 7th Aug 9:42 AM, 2018
I had a dream last night about how this comic was gonna end and it was…so bizarre. Like it was "revealed" that the whole story took place on an island, they crossed the ocean through magic bubbles and walking on the bottom of the sea and they eventually landed on…a land made entirely of sweets.
At that point I was like "Wait what? This can't be it!" And it also mentioned LADY being the one who orchestrated Argus's death even though we clearly saw that he planned his own demise himself, and just all sorts of nonsense.
Oh, and I STILL didn't get to see Argus's face.

Can someone explain my weird dream?

PS. Swam Mom is best Mom.
Anonymous Puffin 7th Aug 11:21 AM, 2018
Wait...did you just dream up a crossover between BatB and the Wizard of Oz?! (Sorry, the "magic bubbles" immediatly screamed "Glenda the Good" to me...)

As to not seeing Argus's face... that depends on how much Megan wants to torture us :)
Vain.3805 7th Aug 7:02 PM, 2018
Plus Little Mermaid?
Kawaii overload!!! 7th Aug 9:39 PM, 2018
The bubbles I saw in my dream reminded me more of the Avatar the Last Airbender episode where they have to cross the lake with the giant sea serpant and they use waterbending to make bubbles for their traveling group to use as an oxygen source while they walk on the sea floor.
FelinaofL2 7th Aug 12:23 PM, 2018
What a good, bittersweet ending to this brief reunion. It's okay to be a little sad, Beauty-- she's your mom.

I'm glad Swan Mom is content with her fate. I suspected it's not just that she chose it herself, but that as the new Arbitrator, she can make better deals and keep the magic under better control than Beast ever could. She's a very clever Fae. :)
Anonymous Puffin 7th Aug 1:51 PM, 2018
Hear, hear! (on both scores) :)
Sophi(e)a 7th Aug 1:01 PM, 2018
This moment is so sweet, and I enjoy it so very much.
KatieKat 7th Aug 2:45 PM, 2018
This is honestly perfect. Beauty actually gets to say goodbye to her mom, and she and Argus get to find each other.
Stitchlingbelle 7th Aug 3:32 PM, 2018
Ouch. As a mom, this hits me right in the heart.
MsMegan 7th Aug 10:44 PM, 2018
Yes, as a parent I now have much more complicated feelings about the Sacrificial Mom trope! But, here we are...
Cartoon Sara 13th Aug 8:01 PM, 2018
Not a mom myself, though I also see the issues with the trope. But I feel like Swom is better candidate for the role than most. Her dialogue suggests that she's lived for quite a while prior to this. She made a choice to experience life as a human and everything that came with it. And she's in a position to do something that she knows will give Beauty a chance to have a full life, as opposed to a mom who might throw herself in the path of an incoming threat with no way of knowing if the action will save her child or just lead to them both being killed. Plus, she still gets to live out some kind of life as (likely) the castle's new arbiter. And if a morose beast with mental health issues and no inherrant magical ability could work some loopholes into the contracts, I can only imagine how much good a swan maiden could do in the same job.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 4:11 PM, 2018
So Beauty is sorry for what her illness cost her mother, but Elise points out that she knew what she was doing and is happy with the outcome. There is some discussion of the sacrificial mom trope in the comments, but it's complicated here, I think. In other versions of the story, Beauty's mom is almost always dead instead (the Villeneuve version has her in fae prison), so at least in this comic, she still plays a role in the story and continues to exist in some form. This version also gives her a lot more agency--what mother, knowing that there was a way to save her child from dying, wouldn't make the trade? Sure, staying put would have meant she could continue to be in her husband's and other children's lives, but could she live with the guilt of letting Beauty die? Could they, if they found out? I think this route ultimately was the one that did the least harm, so I'm fine with the way things played out for Elise. If she'd been coerced into the sacrifice, that would be another matter, but since she wasn't, I think this works.