Act Three, Chapter Five: 41

16th Aug 10:16 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 41
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Aug 10:16 PM, 2018
splash pages~~~


MK_Wizard 16th Aug 10:56 PM, 2018
The anticipation is killing me here!
ch1ck4do0dl3 16th Aug 11:59 PM, 2018
I know! I know the posting schedule, and yet I check back every day, hoping against hope that it is a posting day!
Mar-ee 17th Aug 12:38 AM, 2018
The big moment we're all waiting for
the selkie wife 17th Aug 4:29 AM, 2018
i am!! so excited for tuesday!!

beauty's smile, and the light blush on her face, and (i'm guessing) aornis' paws beneath her!-- argus will have already transformed, won't he? but then again, beauty's seen all of him except his face before in her dreams. dsgaflgflgufiou i'm too excited for these pages
Kawaii overload!!! 17th Aug 7:24 AM, 2018
No those paws are definitely Argus's. Aornis's paws are smaller and make a clear "tk" sound as she moves. I can't only think of beast's being able to make that "t-dmp" sound plus Argus's paws are more thick than Aorins's.
Guest 17th Aug 7:41 AM, 2018
I wonder if he has gone ferral? Scared and excited for Tuesday.
CinnaMonroe 17th Aug 7:20 PM, 2018
Been waiting for this moment for years! But right now all I can think of is classic 80s movies soundtrack building this scene.... like the Chariots of Fire theme. (Also dying to see if in your version he will become human or retain his beast form)
Myself 24th Aug 6:36 PM, 2018
New reader here, so I haven't been waiting too long for this moment, but I am definitely just as excited! And for me the musical connection was a bit more literal. I had Pandora on while reading this comic and, I kid you not, the theme to the 1987 Superman started playing the instant I got to this page!
Myself 24th Aug 6:51 PM, 2018
And I have to wonder if it will be Argus who transforms. Look at her dress and how it seems to be magically fragmenting.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 4:19 PM, 2018
Awwwwww, I love this. Is Beauty's fancy swan dress dissolving as she progresses? Presumably, like the Beast, she's moving out of the castle's influence, so she'll be back in her normal outfit soon. And we definitely get the Beast's huge paws in the lower panel. SOON THEY WILL BE REUNITED!