Act Three, Chapter Five: 43

24th Aug 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 43
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Mar-ee 24th Aug 12:10 AM, 2018
Yes, yes remember those feelings!!! Gahhhh gotta love this running scene:3. Just wish they had music
ch1ck4do0dl3 24th Aug 12:16 AM, 2018
Still both very hopeful and very anxious.
Lunaura 24th Aug 2:14 AM, 2018
I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop...*covers eyes*
Caro 24th Aug 3:08 AM, 2018
And the next thing you know it goes full-on Ladyhawke with him turning into a man and her into a swan! XD
the selkie wife 24th Aug 5:05 AM, 2018
i know this is a happy scene!! and i'm happy!!! but also v v worried!!!!
Guest 24th Aug 8:15 AM, 2018
The beginning of the chapter had a rose and if there was anything bad it would have been forshadowed in the chapter card title. So, me thinks this is the moment. Her mom would have foreseen something amiss...

Right? :/
Sophi(e)a 24th Aug 12:31 PM, 2018
I really really hope you're right!
MK_Wizard 24th Aug 8:41 AM, 2018
You're torturing me with all of this!
justnacl 24th Aug 9:21 AM, 2018
The soil on my *hands* (not paws)!
ess 28th Aug 8:21 AM, 2018
but also not "feet" though...
Anonymous Puffin 24th Aug 11:01 AM, 2018
I feel all of the dialogue on this page should be set to music and turned into a song. ^^
The Doodler 24th Aug 12:24 PM, 2018
The Doodler
This is going too well and it's worrying me.
Lostariel 24th Aug 1:15 PM, 2018
Sybilla J 24th Aug 2:35 PM, 2018
lol everyone is worried because it seems like something good is about to happen and we've all been burned before... Author what have you done to us?

Meanwhile I really think we've reached the climax here so I'm betting (and hoping) on this being the ACTUAL happy ending moment, no strings attached!
Anonymous Puffin 25th Aug 11:05 AM, 2018
If reading Dickens has taught me anything, it's that when the characters are happy, something extremely catastrophic is about to happen! O_o
But yes, I'm also hoping for the actual happy ending :)
Guest 25th Aug 10:48 AM, 2018
I'm pretty much imagining the last few pages set to the last minute or so of the music from that Disney short Paperman. It's all so joyful and uplifting and I know it may come crashing down any page now but GOD am I living for this moment!!!
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 4:27 PM, 2018
The sentiment of this page is so sweet. I like the contrast between Beauty's more emotional desires and the Beast's more physical, sensual ones. They're definitely compatible wants, and they add a touch of personal flavor to their mutual desire to be together again. I also like the detail of how Beauty's cloak is shedding feathers. I'm curious--if she had ended up staying at the castle with the Beast, would her swan maiden heritage have come into more prominence? Would she have become one in full with the castle's influence? Ultimately these two will have mortal lives together, but it makes you wonder.