1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Prologue
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AbigailBrooks 26th Jul 5:59 PM, 2013
See, now the father never struck me as a fierce man, but this dialogue seems to imply that he will raise hell when he finds his wife gone and his youngest daughter dead. Which is totally understandable, but this made me still think the Master was the Beast. I assumed that he'd gone off, bargained with a fae to save his daughter's life (turning into a Beast in the process, and maybe trading his wife's life? I don't know).

Of course, knowing this is Beauty now, that would make the later romance very, very awkward. So now I just have to wonder WHY in the WORLD the Beast is there? I still think he's the one who bargained for Beauty's life (though the father's absence is suspicious), maybe at the request of her mother, given what we later see. I pet theory right now is that her mother and the Beast knew each other and possibly had a thing. And that human Beast might have known and was fond of young Beauty. In any case, this shows that the Beast is WAY older than Beauty is, which would freak me out, but age gaps like that were fairly common back in that day and for all I know, he could be kept a young man forever thanks to magic. Anyway, so yes. Have a good chuckle at my first interpretations of this prologue.
Lostariel 29th Oct 1:23 AM, 2013
I just decided to come back to this... That really looks like the shadow of the Beast. Who lays a rose in her open hand. Did he make a deal to save Beauty's life as a child? Is it because of some connection to her mother? I am so curious.
RosesnWater 20th Feb 10:05 PM, 2015
Not gonna lie those eyes in the third panel freak me out… poor little batty she looks so fragile in this (also her sisters were adorable in that last picture)
And cure you mysterious silhouette for not being more visible DX
Guest 28th Mar 10:50 AM, 2015
Started rereading this and never noticed BEAST shadow on this page :o so glad I decided to reread this for on the beginning xD
Kay 15th Dec 11:44 AM, 2015
Me too! I just came back for a reread having caught up, and now it seems so obvious. I remember struggling at the time to figure out what the figure was in the second last panel...