Act Three, Chapter Five: 51

17th Sep 11:23 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 51
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Sep 11:23 PM, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you at SPX! I'm sorry my answer to almost every one of your questions (almost all the same question, really) was "You'll have to wait and find out this week!"

Also, I was wondering about making a subscriber newsletter. Would any of you want to sign up for that and get updates on my new comics/appearances/events when BATB wraps up?


Fluffy 17th Sep 11:29 PM, 2018
ch1ck4do0dl3 18th Sep 12:25 AM, 2018
And now, I'm willing to believe he is human.

And I'm loving it.
Roxasgx 17th Sep 11:34 PM, 2018
Omg I'm screaming aaaaahhhh
Fluffy 17th Sep 11:39 PM, 2018
Also cause I completely forgot to comment on this before sending the first comment:
I would love a newsletter subscription! I want to be sure I can stay up to date with your other work.
GinjaGen 18th Sep 12:00 AM, 2018
I shall contribute to the screaming!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I would absolutely be interested in being kept in the loop!
Guest 18th Sep 12:02 AM, 2018
Totally want to be kept in the loop!
Sophi(e)a 18th Sep 12:19 AM, 2018

Also, I would totally sign up for a newsletter!
Tursiops 18th Sep 1:04 AM, 2018
Iiiiieeee don't trust it!
Greymuse 18th Sep 6:14 AM, 2018
I'm with you! Beauty isn't freaking out or confused, which leads me to believe she's seeing the Beast. I believe our intrepid authoress is pulling a bit of a bait & switch on us. Since one of the biggest dramatic turns in most versions is Beast nearly dying...maybe we'll be looking at a face-off between Id & Ego with Beauty caught in the middle?
Maria 18th Sep 11:30 AM, 2018
She's not freaking out, but she's also seen human Argus before, or at least his silhouette. Maybe things are playing out a bit like they do in her dreams, so she's not concerned.

I tend to think she's calm because 1) his dog probably recognized Argus no matter the form and 2) the slant of light changes between pages 49 and 50 (tricky there, Ms. Megan!). So time has passed. Personally, I think it may have taken time for him to change back. Beauty has probably been there a lot of that time and has seen him slowly change, so she knows this random naked guy is her beast bae.
Sybilla J 20th Sep 8:27 AM, 2018
I'm with Maria. Plus, she said "Oh, thank goodness." Indicating he's probably been out for a while and she's been patiently waiting for him to wake up.
the selkie wife 18th Sep 2:36 AM, 2018


(also hells YES i would love to be on a newsletter list)
Pat R 18th Sep 6:29 AM, 2018
Either things are as others have said.. or reality has changed and time reversed and went a different path. Guess we shall see.
Pat R 18th Sep 6:38 AM, 2018
Heck, what if now it's as if nothing ever happened?
MK_Wizard 18th Sep 7:00 AM, 2018
Oh man. This is gonna be big!
Guest 18th Sep 7:06 AM, 2018
I totally believe this is legit. It has to be. There were roses and feathers.

Love how Beauty is so nonchalant about his human form because she has seen it before.
ShinyHappyGoth 18th Sep 9:01 AM, 2018
" there's a leaf on my face."
Michael 18th Sep 9:39 AM, 2018
I hope he can at least keep the tail or ears...
Anonymous Puffin 18th Sep 9:54 AM, 2018
Plot twist: he's caught inbetween forms and looks like a furry now :P
And Beauty isn't reacting in any major way because she's trying too hard to keep a straight face ;)
Anonymous Puffin 18th Sep 9:59 AM, 2018
As an added thought: where has Beauty's swan-poncho (swoncho?) gone? Is it too warm and sunny where they are, did she drop it while running, or did she give it to Beast (especially since some comments on the previous suggested that he might not be wearing pants...)?
Or am I just overanalysing again? ^^
Jessie Blue 18th Sep 10:20 AM, 2018
Jessie Blue
I'm gonna vote for she laid the cloak over him cause he nakies.
Silvre 18th Sep 11:15 AM, 2018
Jojo 18th Sep 1:01 PM, 2018
Yes please I'd like a newsletter. :)
Katina Cooper 18th Sep 2:41 PM, 2018
Just found out about this web site. Didn't realize how much there is to read. It'll take me years to get see everything.
Kukki 18th Sep 3:02 PM, 2018
I don't go to cons or events, but I *am* interested in hearing about any other comics you produce after this!

I can't believe we're nearing the end! It's painful to watch things unfold so slowly, but at the same time I'm not ready for it to be over. I've been following for years.
That One Girl at SPX 19th Sep 12:31 AM, 2018
AHHH OH MY GOD!!! I figured out how to leave comments woohoo! After a long, LONG time of just seeing this guy's face in shadow, we're finally seeing it! What lovely eyes. I can't wait for the next page!!!
Viking ZX 19th Sep 2:08 AM, 2018
He's totally naked, isn't he?
Hallan 19th Sep 7:55 AM, 2018
Thinking the same thing.
Daisy 19th Sep 5:32 AM, 2018
Beauty, at this point she's not even surprised. She just rolls with it.

(Yes, I would be interested in the subscription letter.)
Narnia4Aslan 20th Sep 3:19 AM, 2018
:D I really enjoy the comments on this page! I have to laugh when we no longer trust Ms.Megan to give us a happy ending but I really think we are getting it at last! (Thanks SwanMom for the blessing!)

Awesome job as always, MsMegan! These past few pages have been breathtaking! And I'd love a subscription podcast.
Lostariel 20th Sep 11:33 AM, 2018
i'm so stressed about whether he's human or not kajsghs
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 4:49 PM, 2018
Yep, there we go, fully human eyes! And Beauty isn't phased, probably because she had some sneak peeks at his true form through the reflections at the castle. She's back to her normal outfit, too. He also has some clothes on, from the looks of it. For the best, though I wonder if they're super outdated by current fashion standards? I could see the sisters joking that his clothes belong in a museum. Temperance will probably use them for her smutty gay fiction inspiration.