Act Three, Chapter Five: 53

25th Sep 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 53
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Sep 12:00 AM, 2018
This update has been drawn and saved for well over a month, but posting it today was unexpectedly emotional. It feels like saying goodbye to someone I love very much.


GinjaGen 25th Sep 12:00 AM, 2018

Thank you!!!!
Roxasgx 25th Sep 12:01 AM, 2018
Stay clam..... stay clam......aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Omg YES!!!!!
Roxasgx 25th Sep 12:03 AM, 2018
Guest 25th Sep 12:06 AM, 2018
Girl gonna be like “he’s got better heroine hair than me.”
Samoa 25th Sep 12:08 AM, 2018
I feel like I've been waiting years for this moment. Oh, wait. I have.
BearinMind 25th Sep 12:10 AM, 2018
I'm crying!!!! my heart is crying! We made it, y'all!
Sophi(e)a 25th Sep 12:10 AM, 2018
*deep breaths* Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!!

You have managed to do so much with this page, and for that I am in awe.
DreamPiper 25th Sep 12:20 AM, 2018
Oh NO!
He's Hot!
Maria 25th Sep 1:04 AM, 2018
The perfect response to this scene, tbh
Keel 25th Sep 12:26 AM, 2018
THE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rose 25th Sep 12:35 AM, 2018
there he is!!!! our precious boy!!!!!
Guest 25th Sep 12:37 AM, 2018
Argus's face is everything I hoped it would be. The craggy nose, the beard, the mane of hair... we can still see the features of the Beast, but in human form. I can't wait to see what Beauty has to say to him. I love that the traditional version of this scene – with Beauty shocked and confused, while the prince is calm and ready to explain everything – is completely turned on its head here! But that's only fitting, since Argus didn't know he could ever be human again, while Beauty, between the vision she saw long ago in the fountain and the conversation she just had with her mom, has a much better sense of what's going on.
Anonymous Puffin 25th Sep 4:10 AM, 2018
Hear hear to that!
I love it! *frantically flails arms like Kermit the Frog while cheering*
Jessie Blue 25th Sep 11:07 AM, 2018
Jessie Blue
ShinyHappyGoth 25th Sep 9:38 PM, 2018
Also he JUST regained consciousness, while she's had a bit more time to process it.
Jojo 25th Sep 12:41 AM, 2018
Omg he looks like my boyfriend ♡
Cookie 25th Sep 1:17 AM, 2018
The Doodler 25th Sep 1:44 AM, 2018
The Doodler
(thin screaming)
Alexandra 25th Sep 2:47 AM, 2018
the selkie wife 25th Sep 4:36 AM, 2018
Kawaii overload!!! 25th Sep 5:46 AM, 2018
Excuse me while I save this picture to my photo library.
There we go!
Now where was I? Ah yes! Screaming in joy. But first!
It's so great to see this payoff! All the times we saw him kept in shadows have been worth it. I also love the little detail of the slightly sharp tooth in his mouth. Is that a holdover from the spell or just artistic license? Either way I'm a sucker for those kind of cute little sharp teeth and I'll take it.
Also I have a question about whether or not he'll be able to stand properly. After countless centuries of switching between walking on all fours and then walking on digitgrade feet, will he even be able to plant his human feet properly? We'll be finding out one way or another, so on that, I'm excited!

And now I get to joining all the other fan girls in screaming! :D

Pat R 25th Sep 6:16 AM, 2018
A moment years in the making. :) Woohooo!
The Newbie 25th Sep 6:41 AM, 2018
Yesss! After years of waiting!
Guest 25th Sep 7:12 AM, 2018
Awwwww. I can't wait to see his relaxed features and how he chooses to wear his hair.

This is a beautiful moment.
Sybilla J 26th Sep 10:17 AM, 2018
omg I didn't even think about the hair possibilities but look at that stuff! I could see like a half-up half-down 'do for Argus. But also, I really want Beauty to braid his hair omg
MsMegan 26th Sep 3:08 PM, 2018
Don't think for a MOMENT that this boy doesn't wear a manbun in the modern AU.
Fluffy 26th Sep 11:58 PM, 2018
Dang it, now I have to draw that
Morgan ❤️❤️ 25th Sep 7:17 AM, 2018
Oh my gosh!!! The moment is here! Someone get a minister, I’ll get a bouquet! LETS GET THE WEDDING STARTED!!!
KatieKat 25th Sep 7:39 AM, 2018
I didn't squeal when I saw him, but I did smile in satisfaction. He's wonderful, boss, just wonderful.
MK_Wizard 25th Sep 7:57 AM, 2018
We finally see his beautiful face. It was worth the wait. Nice to see him completely rather than as a shadow.
Guest 25th Sep 8:20 AM, 2018
Hallan 25th Sep 8:27 AM, 2018
Fantastic. :)
VJ 25th Sep 9:06 AM, 2018
Nicole 25th Sep 9:34 AM, 2018
I keep flipping between this page and the one preceding it. I've only been following for about two months, but oh my god I'm glad I have! Yours is one of my favorite interpretations of Beauty and the Beast, bar none
Stitchlingbelle 25th Sep 10:56 AM, 2018
HE HAS A FACE! And I love it. Man, I really hope we get a few pages of him talking etc before the end. I want to bask.
Sophi(e)a 25th Sep 2:34 PM, 2018
I've got a good feeling that we'll get quite a few pages of resolution, at the very least; with the resolution of the whole "OMG HUMAN" thing, and Beauty talking with her family, hopefully with Argus in tow.
a Drop of Beauty 25th Sep 10:59 AM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
*Angelic choir as light shines down from the heavens upon Ms. Megan.*
Guest 25th Sep 11:29 AM, 2018
Fluffy 25th Sep 11:33 AM, 2018
Totally worth the five years I’ve been glued to this comic. (,: I love one man.
Rosie 25th Sep 12:10 PM, 2018

(gotta say- great job handling things with the face reveal. in a lot of stories it's like "welp, he's Some Guy now, yay i guess?" but here, the fact we already had a pretty good idea of what he looked like somehow makes the reveal more exciting. like seeing an old friend you haven't been able to meet in ages.)
Azvolrien 25th Sep 1:15 PM, 2018
I can't think of anything constructive to say so I'm just going to scream quietly for several minutes.
DragonCelt 25th Sep 1:37 PM, 2018
Oh gosh, I loved him all along, so I didn't mind him staying a Beast or being a human, but to see his face now. . . *SWOON* I want to give him a big hug.
LB 25th Sep 1:58 PM, 2018
It's crazy for me to think back to when this story first started. It's been a wonderful ride.❤

Most traditional tellings of Beauty and the Beast end after the transformation. Have you given any thought to developing what comes after? In other words, plz don't go. LOL
Ellie 25th Sep 2:36 PM, 2018
I love that you peppered the flashbacks with his blacked out human face through this story. It makes his reveal less of the anticlimactic, "aw, but I liked the beast, who's this guy" and much more "yay, we finally get to see the person we've been getting glimpses of for ages!"
Sailorphantom 25th Sep 4:48 PM, 2018
"FACE!!!" I yelled while no one was home thankfully.
The Accidental Ninja 25th Sep 6:02 PM, 2018
The Accidental Ninja

re: A/N: Ms Megan, I totally understand what you mean. Characters are hard to let go of when you've been with them for so long.
Lostariel 25th Sep 6:41 PM, 2018
!!!!!!! 25th Sep 7:10 PM, 2018
Anglachel 25th Sep 9:50 PM, 2018
I already miss Beast. Argus is cool & all, but... Beast.
Narnia4Aslan 26th Sep 1:43 AM, 2018
Hahahahaha! YES! YES!
Guest 26th Sep 4:22 AM, 2018
Iskra 26th Sep 5:44 AM, 2018
Never commented till now, but this is just too exciting!

Yours is my favourite version of BatB and this face reveal felt just so gratifying after following the story for so long.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou <3
Sybilla J 26th Sep 10:02 AM, 2018
Getting this reveal and reading all the comments is so satisfying. Megan, your son* is beautiful. We all love him so much. Thank you.

*fictional son, of course
Miss A 26th Sep 11:19 AM, 2018
Wonderful! I've not been waiting for years as some of you, only months, but it's equally exciting to finally see this moment.
Silvre 26th Sep 3:29 PM, 2018
NanamiG 26th Sep 3:59 PM, 2018
What color are his eyes?
MsMegan 26th Sep 8:38 PM, 2018
Probably blue or grey?
Vain.3805 27th Sep 10:28 AM, 2018

You know... that smooch goes on for several panels.. and a couple pages. Beauty doesn't mess around.
Guest 27th Sep 4:02 PM, 2018
This is what we all been waiting for! Now, what will happen next and what will Beauty's reaction to the human "beast" be?
Ali 29th Sep 11:22 AM, 2018
Ahhhh! I love that he has a little canine there, very beastly!
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 4:59 PM, 2018
AND THERE'S THE FACE WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS TO SEE! Congratulations, Beauty, you have won the heart of the hottest man in your country, complete with Thor-level amazing hair! If this were the modern age, he could make a career on modeling for shampoo commercials. As it is, I'm pretty sure he'll run an apothecary at your village or be a florist.

You're a very lucky gosling, Beauty. VERY lucky! ;)