Act Three, Chapter Five: 54

27th Sep 11:03 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 54
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th Sep 11:03 PM, 2018
Everyone, thank you for your wonderful, kind, heartwarming comments. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. It felt like opening christmas gifts as a little kid. We really have come a long way together.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Everyone Having Too Many Feelings


Fluffy 27th Sep 11:18 PM, 2018
God, I imagine there's a lot of relief mixed with nerves in no longer having to deal with a huge magic entity like the castle bearing down on you and having you on a leash.
Let it all out, my man!
On another note, he may need a new top otherwise I'm sure Beauty's family is going to be questioning why she brought home a man covered in blood.
The Doodler 27th Sep 11:18 PM, 2018
The Doodler
Roxasgx 27th Sep 11:36 PM, 2018
Omg he's relief. He doesn't have the weight on his shoulder now.
Mar-ee 27th Sep 11:57 PM, 2018
I'm going to assume he means the thoughts of the castle
Sabreur 28th Sep 12:30 AM, 2018
I know it's an odd thing to focus on, but Beauty's lip bite and blush combo is the best thing ever.
LB 28th Sep 12:40 AM, 2018
Any chance you will continue the story past its typical cinematic ending? I'd love to see where you could take it. Gah! I already miss this comic. </3
the selkie wife 28th Sep 3:00 AM, 2018
he's just -- UGH i love him so much already

although, uh, you may want to change your clothes at some point, dude. preferably before you meet your in-laws.
Guest 28th Sep 6:19 AM, 2018
Wow. Freedom from the castle. A beating heart again. Tears! (I assume he wasn't capable of crying in Beast form.) This is magnificent. It's no wonder Beauty is at a loss for words, though I can't wait to hear what she finally has to say!
Kawaii overload!!! 28th Sep 7:28 AM, 2018
Ah! So it is blood on his chest. That answers some things.
Also, poor Argus! He's still processing the fact that he's human now! No more evil castle thoughts, no more being literally heartless, no more slavery to the evil castle. He's free! He's free!
Also Beauty's patience and allowing him to process all of this is a good thing. Her trying to comfort him while he's still getting all this new stuff in his head wouldn't be a good idea.
KatieKat 28th Sep 7:39 AM, 2018
I feel like that laughter is going to devolve into tears shortly - the man's been on a hell of an emotional roller coaster.
Caitlyn 1st Oct 3:48 AM, 2018
Considering you can see the tears gathering in his eyes, I'd have to agree with you on that point.
Guest 28th Sep 8:00 AM, 2018
Awwwwww. Just watching him go through these emotions.
MK_Wizard 28th Sep 8:04 AM, 2018
I hope Argus really doesn't waste this second chance.
Sybilla J 28th Sep 11:24 AM, 2018
ahhh I love everything about this

Beauty's face in that first panel. That bashful "omg his face is so beautiful" look but it's obviously more than just that. The fact that that face is new and familiar to her all at once. Because she's gotten a glimpse - just a glimpse! - of it before, but it was just a reflection that time. This time it's real. It's the man she knew all along but never saw his true face in person til now.

And the look of pure FREEDOM on Argus' face. I'm so so so unbelievably happy for him to get his happy ending ahhhhh
Narnia4Aslan 29th Sep 1:29 AM, 2018
I think our favorite young man needs a hug and kiss soon! Celebration with tears and laughter and almost-disbelief! (and lots of hugs and kisses!)
Tantz Aerine 29th Sep 5:18 PM, 2018
Tantz Aerine
Kudos for making this feel the most earned out of all the iterations of the character :)
ArtsieSteph 29th Sep 5:44 PM, 2018
This is the best representation of big emotional scars I have ever seen. For a moment you panic because that thing that caused you pain was familiar and constant. Fear of losing that hurt because that’s how it always was. Dang. Just DANG.
Bill Nye The Science Guy 30th Sep 2:17 PM, 2018
Kinda liked it better as a beast...
Guest 30th Sep 3:14 PM, 2018
I love this comic! Thank you so much for such a wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast! I love the human Argus and his emotional reaction to being human again!
Loveless712 2nd Oct 6:49 PM, 2018
When Bae is having a panic attack, but damn is he fine!
The Young Entity 4th Oct 7:50 PM, 2018

AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:02 PM, 2018
Oh wow, I think I missed this page during my initial read-through, because I have no memory of it. I'd be biting my lip too, Beauty, though I think she's doing it out of nervousness about his reaction rather than it simply being, "Oh god, I'm so turned on right now!" And yep, Argus, no more horns and fur for you, and you have your heart back, and THE CASTLE IS GONE! NO MORE CURSE FOR YOU! His shocked and relieved laugh is completely understandable.