Act Three, Chapter Five: 56

4th Oct 10:55 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 56
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th Oct 10:55 PM, 2018
Depending on the emotional tone you want for this page, you can interpret that as sound effect or dialogue.


Sophi(e)a 4th Oct 11:04 PM, 2018
This hit the exact emotional tone I wanted it to, and my heart is so very happy for these two.
Fluffy 4th Oct 11:04 PM, 2018
This is in my top three favorite pages from your comic so far. Just... wow...
Also god I just keep remembering all the stuff this guy has been through both as a human and as a beast and he really does deserve a nice long hug from someone that genuinely cares about him. (,:
Roxasgx 4th Oct 11:04 PM, 2018
This is a beautiful page,words cannot describe, I want to cry . Great job
Guest 4th Oct 11:12 PM, 2018
I’ve just noticed that my favorite part of the transformation is how he still looks so much like the beast. Or maybe that shows how much the beast still looked like him. It just demonstrates your amazing art skills! Thank you!
Samoa 4th Oct 11:13 PM, 2018
Oh God this panel is lovely. My mind immediately went to when she comforted him while they watched the rain through the window and eventually fell asleep together. He had the same expression when she grabbed his horn and pulled him in for a hug. You've really done great in capturing both his forms and establishing visually that this is the same guy.
Carol 8th Oct 11:24 PM, 2018
Wait wait wait, when was that? I want to go back and I can’t find it?!
Samoa 9th Oct 7:30 AM, 2018
Act 2, Chapter 5, pages 26-27.
Carol 9th Oct 7:11 PM, 2018
Thanks! You’re a hero! My word, he really DOES have the same expression. I’m so glad you caught that!
The Doodler 4th Oct 11:26 PM, 2018
The Doodler
Yes good, it's about time.
ch1ck4do0dl3 4th Oct 11:29 PM, 2018
This is heartbreakingly beautiful. It brought back so many memories for me--that's how profoundly emotional this is.
DS 4th Oct 11:33 PM, 2018
The End
Maria 5th Oct 1:24 AM, 2018
Wow. This has to be the most vulnerable Argus has ever been with another person. He certainly didn't have real comfort and support when he was last human. And he didn't have much interaction after that until Beauty came into his life.

While they had some vulnerable moments together during his time as a beast, it was nothing like this. Argus always kept himself guarded. Now he's letting that all out. He's also probably feeling things stronger because he has his heart back.

Now he can really give his heart to her and open up to her.
the selkie wife 5th Oct 2:36 AM, 2018
oh my god argus has NEEDED a hug for so long

i could practically feel the relief in the last panel when it's just them holding each other
Kawaii overload!!! 5th Oct 5:51 AM, 2018
This scene is just so beautiful. And in remembering how LADY didn't even treat him as anything but a tool, to see Argus this vulnerable and for maybe the first time in his whole life getting affection that is geninuely returned to and for HIM is one of the most powerful moments of this comic.
I can't wait for what happens next. And when the comic does end, the questions I'll have: starting of course with the fate of LADY and the hope that the king found out her plans and gave her a just punishment.
Or maybe Argus will answer that one. I don't know. But whatever happens next, I'm waiting and ready for it!
Guest 5th Oct 7:50 AM, 2018
How utterly humane and touching. I love that he is finally letting it all out. He deserves a good cry after everything he has been through.
Sybilla J 5th Oct 8:35 AM, 2018
THIS IS THE PUREST, most precious page of any comic ever. These two tug at my heartstrings so much. I am just so, so happy for them seeing how far they've come to get to this moment.
Naomi 5th Oct 9:45 AM, 2018
Oh wow the emotion conveyed in that panel. You can almost feel how tightly Argus is holding onto Beauty, the quiver of his whole body as he cries, how solid Beauty's arms are and the gentleness of her strokes in his hair.

If there's one small complaint I have with the Disney version of the transformation, it's that I always felt a hug like this belonged in that scene as well as the kiss. At least in some productions of the musical they hug.
Anonymous Puffin 5th Oct 10:46 AM, 2018
All together now:
Aaaaaaw! ^^

This is just so right. I have no words...
Lostariel 5th Oct 11:02 AM, 2018
hey i love them
Firedragon20 5th Oct 1:39 PM, 2018
So good for the love of god please re-read this whole scene listening to this

makes it 100% better
Guest 5th Oct 4:34 PM, 2018
Best. Hug. Scene. Ever! Tissue please!
The Young Entity 5th Oct 5:59 PM, 2018

I think I'm going to burst or implode!
Sailor Phantom 5th Oct 7:13 PM, 2018
I can't believe how satisfying this page is.... I think we ALL needed that hug.
Dragonlady 6th Oct 8:59 AM, 2018
I've tried several times to say how this makes me feel but can't adequately express it so I'll just say I love these two so much and I'm crying!
PS Argus's awkward pose in the last panel had to be a challenge to draw; you did
The Newbie 8th Oct 10:47 AM, 2018
This page nearly has me blubbering, have to find the tissues. The combined feels are too much for a mere mortal like me,
Narnia4Aslan 8th Oct 4:16 PM, 2018
I can't say how many times I've come back to this page to stare at that last panel. So beautiful. So... just right. I'm at a loss for words.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:15 PM, 2018
Cuddling and hugging while crying is good, too. It's understandable that they both, but especially Argus, would be overwhelmed right now. They've been through hell. (Pats both of them on the back.) You two are going to be just fine, though, we promise. After all, Megan has kinda sorta promised us a happy ending and a Smol Rose Child, and you two need some peace and quiet to make that a reality. (I kid, but I also want to meet her someday Megan, if only in sketches.)