Act Three, Chapter Five: 57

8th Oct 10:05 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 57
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Oct 10:05 PM, 2018
Hope everyone had a better Thanskgiving then we did. I discovered we would all be getting stomach flu for the holiday when Baby Blackbird vomited all over me moments after our greyhound bus pulled out of the station. Good times, good times.


Roxasgx 8th Oct 10:28 PM, 2018
I want to cry,its beautiful I love it. I hope u guys get better soon
ch1ck4do0dl3 8th Oct 11:00 PM, 2018
Oof, sorry about the Thanksgiving, MsMegan! Hope you're all feeling better!

This page just left me with all the warm'n'fuzzies. :)
Carol 8th Oct 11:30 PM, 2018
Forgot you were Canadian for a minute, and was like ??? :)

Sorry about the flu. Just got over it myself. Hope you and Baby B get feeling better very soon! I have to confess, I’ve been looking at the last five or so pages most obsessively over and over again, going back and forth and just loving it all. Thank you!
Mar-ee 9th Oct 12:25 AM, 2018
Miss Elcia 9th Oct 12:58 AM, 2018
Well I take back my theory about them being under Beauty's sulking tree. I don't remember there being rocks nearby and regardless those are definitely ruins rather than normal rocks.

Sorry to hear the flu invited itself to your Thanksgiving. Hope everyone feels better soon.
Maria 9th Oct 11:20 AM, 2018
I hadn't looked at the rocks before your comment, but yes, I'm also betting ruins. Particularly because there are a couple of roses strewn only by those rocks. Hmm....
Miss Elcia 10th Oct 10:36 PM, 2018
I actually skimmed back to the last time we saw Beauty's sulking tree (and got sidetracked rereading the whole comic) so it's definitely NOT her tree. But I hadn't noticed the roses till you mentioned them. So thank you! hmm indeed!...
... ancient busted fountain?... maybe? ...
that is the last place Argus was a man.
MK_Wizard 9th Oct 6:52 AM, 2018
Knowing this story there is still one last hurdle.
Morgan 9th Oct 11:08 PM, 2018
I know right. I’m hoping it’s only something along the lines of deciding what style wedding dress beauty will wear.
Guest 9th Oct 7:25 AM, 2018
All I keep saying is 'aw'. Honestly there are no words on how cute and beautiful this is.
Sybilla J 9th Oct 8:50 AM, 2018
I love so much that the great transformation climax is one of just pure relief, like this was the thing we were moving towards all along, this freedom that was long past due for both Beauty and Beast.
Like I love the Disney version but that same moment became more of "oh thank God you're alive! and what a nice bonus, you're actually not a furry." And then there's the original, where Beauty is slightly disappointed that Beast has transformed because (and this is just my interpretation, I think) she's worried he's not the same "person" she fell for.
But there's no need for any of that, here. With this version, this is what we've been waiting for. Beauty was prepared for the possibility of it, in a way(? I mean she knew he was under a spell, that's for sure) and it just seems so natural, this transition. This "We're going to be ok." Yes, yes we are.
Natalie 9th Oct 10:44 AM, 2018
Oof. Been there, done that, mama. Hope you all are feeling better. ?
Jojo 9th Oct 12:56 PM, 2018
Oh no! I hope u and fam feel better soon. Its warm out now having a fever today would be gross. :( just got over that last week. Also such a heart touching up date. <3
Narnia4Aslan 10th Oct 8:58 AM, 2018
And done with my all night read-through! :) So amazing and beautiful, of course! I've greatly enjoyed following along bit by bit but it was also really cool to get the flow of reading it non-stop. You've told this story masterfully. I hope we continue to see more of Beauty and Argus even when this story is over.
Vain.3805 10th Oct 9:57 AM, 2018
Sophi(e)a 10th Oct 12:50 PM, 2018
Beauty saying "*We're* going to be all right" is what got to me most here.

This page is so good.
The Doodler 10th Oct 2:21 PM, 2018
The Doodler
Wait until he's feeling up to it, then walk into town and buy him a burger, kid. Preferably cooked well-done.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:23 PM, 2018
Oh man, the relief here is so real. There have been a lot of comments leading up to this about "waiting for the other shoe to drop," and while that definitely happened at the end of the last chapter, it finally feels like these kids will be able to rest and enjoy the rest of their lives together.

"We're going to be all right." Yeah, you better be, or all of us readers would reenact the Kill the Beast song/scene from the Disney movie on Megan's studio. ;)

Go take a nap you two, you've earned it!