Act Three, Chapter Five: 58

12th Oct 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 58
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Oct 12:00 AM, 2018
Aw buddy


Roxasgx 12th Oct 12:01 AM, 2018
Aaaaaawwwwwwwww.that so cute.<3
Anonymous Puffin 12th Oct 10:01 AM, 2018
Absolutely! That blush in the last panel.... *melts at this couple's adorableness*
GinjaGen 12th Oct 12:03 AM, 2018
My heart just did a little loop of happiness. They’re so cute!
Sophi(e)a 12th Oct 12:05 AM, 2018
Oh, my dear Argus, you've found a good one.

He looks so sad, but so hopeful, and I am so glad Beauty is here for him in this moment.
Mar-ee 12th Oct 12:07 AM, 2018
Laura 12th Oct 12:08 AM, 2018
The Newbie 12th Oct 12:11 AM, 2018
They've come so far, but still have far to go. While this scene shows that Beauty loves him no matter what form he is in it still breaks my heart to see Argus so broken. Feeling the need to get out the tissue box again!
Paula Richey 12th Oct 12:27 AM, 2018
In addition to the tender moment I've been waiting years to witness, I like this super aggressive tweet the bird has going on ?
The Doodler 12th Oct 12:38 AM, 2018
The Doodler
"You have the same nose, dude."
Miss Elcia 12th Oct 1:15 AM, 2018
And the same mane of hair.
Guest 12th Oct 1:27 AM, 2018
This totally made me tear up ?
LB 12th Oct 2:26 AM, 2018
Bloke has a ways to go before he exits the realm of self-pity. :(
Cartoon Sara 12th Oct 2:29 AM, 2018
Reaction 1: Awwwwwwwww.

Reaction 2: “Tweet, tweet. Tweet? Do I really sound like that? ‘Tweet?’ That can’t be right. ‘Tweet?’ ‘Tweeeeeet?’”
Anonymous Puffin 12th Oct 10:00 AM, 2018
Next page: bird tries out every sound in the animal kingdom before settling on the coolest sounding one ;)
the selkie wife 12th Oct 3:39 AM, 2018
oh, /buddy/, of course she knows you. you don't have to worry about that. she loves you.

and now the birds have their voices back! filling the skies with their song . . .
Kirala 12th Oct 7:28 AM, 2018
OF COURSE she knows you, your expressions are unmistakable. (Kudos to Ms. Megan on that!)
Guest 12th Oct 8:01 AM, 2018
Awwwww. Look at her. She is so cute with him. <3 I love this role reversal.
Ransom 12th Oct 8:18 AM, 2018
Hey, the birds got their voices back!
Nicole 12th Oct 9:24 AM, 2018
Now kiss!
Grimoure 12th Oct 12:30 PM, 2018
My God ,that last panel has added Years to my life
Samoa 12th Oct 1:15 PM, 2018
I really like this reverse of the "Belle, it's me," moment. Not that I don't love that one too, but this adds a nice touch to the bond between these two--she'd know her Beast whatever skin he wears.
Guest 12th Oct 6:24 PM, 2018
Agreed. I just love the ways this whole sequence has reversed all the usual patterns of this scene in other BatB retellings. Where normally Beauty/Belle is confused and awestruck by the transformation and the prince is the calm one who either explains everything to her or waits patiently while she sorts it out, here Argus is awestruck and overwhelmed, while Beauty is his calm, comforting pilar of strength. Where normally Beauty/Belle doesn't recognize at first that the handsome stranger is her Beast, here she assures him that she would know him anywhere. It's so fresh and different from other retellings, but feels absolutely right for this Beauty and Argus. Just like the earlier scene where he tended her injured hand was a beautiful reverse of the scene where Disney's Belle tends the Beast's injured arm – different, but perfect for these versions of the characters.
Narnia4Aslan 13th Oct 1:37 AM, 2018
Hear! Hear!
Can 13th Oct 4:51 PM, 2018
I remember during the Aurora night, Beauty actually shouted out something along the lines of "I don't know you at all!"

So I think this line was meant to be catharsis after that.
Guest 14th Oct 4:14 AM, 2018
I'd almost forgotten about that line. Beauty has grown so beautifully since then; she and Argus both have. They know each other now, they know themselves, and they've truly earned a happy future together.
Margaret Moon 12th Oct 8:48 PM, 2018
Pat R 14th Oct 2:13 PM, 2018
Also, his eyes have now completely returned to human.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:29 PM, 2018
"I'd know you anywhere, whatever you were" is so heartwarming--but also, of course she knows you, silly! Who wouldn't know that nose and those furrowed brows? Did you think she thought that she was hugging an upset stranger? I mean, I could see Beauty comforting a stranger, but maybe not with her bosom. ;)

In all seriousness, I do like how he doesn't need to tell her who he is (like in most versions), and that she's the one reassuring him here. It adds to the level of intimacy between them.