Act one, Chapter Three: 15

24th Jan 11:15 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 15
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 24th Jan 7:51 PM, 2013
Does this look a little different? I drew this and the next few pages as a proof-of-concept to see if I could handle drawing a full comic. They're over a year old. The linework used to be sooo skinny.

If you don't know, BATB has its own tumblr blog , and I have a separate art blog.

...and we spent ALL WEEK on the popular page! *confetti*

2014 EDIT: this artwork has been updated, so I guess that skinny lines comment no longer applies!


cattservant 24th Jan 11:52 PM, 2013
Popular is as popular does!

Re: "skinny"; Everything expands over time!
Rosebook12 25th Jan 4:13 PM, 2013
I'm guessing Beauty is having a dream about a)one of her father's ships that sunk or b) a dream about the prince (some how).
Kim M 26th Jan 2:53 PM, 2013
(So how much of a dork am I that when I first read "Rumblllle," I immediately thought of the portmanteau of Once Upon a Time's Rumpelstiltskin/Beast and Belle/Beauty pairing? Sigh. I swear your BatB is the only one for me....)

Also, I'd cosplay this dress, I think. :) Alas, I am not a brunette, so this could be tricky. (...Also, I cannot sew. Which could be extremely tricky.)
MsMegan 26th Jan 4:08 PM, 2013
Hahah, I know, right? I wondered if that would come up. But this page was drawn long before production ever began on OUAT.

Cosplaying the peasant dresses, eh? Wigs are pretty fun! Though all of mine are technicolour... Now, someone (who isnt Ron Perlman *cough*) convincingly cosplaying The Beast...THAT I'd pay to see.

Maybe I should be making paper dolls for con sales or something
Kim M 26th Jan 9:40 PM, 2013
Yes (yes, yes, yes!) to the paper dolls. Seriously. I would buy that.

And I would love to see someone tackle a Beast cosplay. (But silently: his voice is so distinctive in my mind that hearing a cosplayer talk would jolt me right out of my suspension of disbelief.)
MsMegan 27th Jan 1:34 AM, 2013
The animated sequences are troublesome for that reason! I can't find someone who captures the way the characters sound in my head (and, I confess, out loud. I can't do that sort of vocal range, but I know the cadence I want from them, and I often pace around the studio, gesturing to myself and muttering dialogue while I try to work out the staging of a scene). There was one storyboard sequence ages ago that did feature both characters speaking, but I was never happy with it. I am utterly loathe to do any more voice overs, so it looks like mostly more OP/ED bits in our future...
Kim M 27th Jan 2:00 AM, 2013
I didn't even think about your animated sequences, but that has to be frustrating. And now I'm thinking about how it must feel as an author to have someone mess around with your characters in an audiobook. Good grief. Because when I write, I do the same as you---speaking in the cadences of my characters, reaching for the way they would express themselves. It makes for excellent dialogue, but I have very definite opinions on the rhythms and timbre coloring my characters' words.

Are there any actors who come close to how you imagine your characters?
MsMegan 27th Jan 11:32 PM, 2013
I imagine The Beast as being soft-spoken, but with that breathy gravelly-ness you have when you're getting over a cold..sort of speaking from the back of the throat. Beauty's a bit more difficult tp pin down...Hmm. o-o
Kim M 28th Jan 7:21 PM, 2013
I imagine Beast in rather the same way...maybe Liam Neeson's soft-spoken intensity with my dad's very, very deep-voiced scholarly tenderness. Beauty, though, sounds a little like my closest sister (not in her current married-with-kids incarnation, but as she was in her teen years), and that's rather hard to describe. :)
MsMegan 28th Jan 11:43 PM, 2013
I'm going to be on youtube all night checking this against my imagination now. Ugh, author-nerd alert.
Stitchlingbelle 27th Jan 3:51 AM, 2013
I second the paper dolls! I would adore a set. Also eventually a bound copy of the comic.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 12:22 PM, 2013
Alright, so resuming this where I left off last night. I knew there was a transition of some sort here! We have hit the nightmare section. I think I've mentioned elsewhere that this is probably one of the trips Beauty took with her father when he was still a wealthy merchant, possibly the one where he lost a lot of his goods. Not much to say, other than the swan motif has returned. Elise had it first, but Beauty is now also being associated with it...argh, I want more information on what it MEANS. So frustrating. So very frustrating. I feel as if this is important....
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:30 AM, 2013
The depth of the waves is wonderful. I almost like this style better. I feel as if it adds more depth in general, though I feel as if it may be harder to do.
nathyfaith 15th Feb 12:55 PM, 2016
I love how that piece of her clothes looks like feathers. This page is gorgeous!