Act Three, Chapter Five: 59

14th Oct 11:50 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 59
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Oct 11:50 PM, 2018
nuffa that talk


Mar-ee 15th Oct 12:31 AM, 2018
DAWWWWW just awwwwwwwww love this and love them! Its okay big guy embrace the love because you deserve to be loved
metaceryn 15th Oct 12:35 AM, 2018
(incomprehensibly warbled screaming)

Every one of these last pages is a thermonuclear strike on my feels
Narnia4Aslan 15th Oct 10:09 PM, 2018
Same! I have been coming here every day since Argus' face reveal, not to hurry the next page in vain but instead to savor and bask in the feels of each and every panel. They are all so beautiful and perfect and deserve the time to treasure them and memorize them to heart.
Guest 16th Oct 12:11 AM, 2018
Same I've reread entire comic twice since Friday just to get to the current pages and have all the feels.
the selkie wife 15th Oct 2:32 AM, 2018
Peace! I will stop your mouth!

__ MAAN, V iv 100
J.S. 15th Oct 5:56 AM, 2018
Poor Argus, he just can't comprehend what he's gained. First he thought she could never love a beast, but now that he's human, he's afraid she might not love the "new" him. But after all he's been through, it's only natural that true love feels so uncertain and hard to believe in.

And Beauty! She's grown so much and become such a wise, steadfast, eloquent young woman. She's exactly what Argus needs now... and she even says the same words he said to her back when she was the awkward, uncertain one!

MsMegan, you've done a magnificent job of what you set out to do: portraying a Beauty and Beast who grow together in complimentary ways, rather than (as in other versions) one being the static catalyst for the other's growth. Both their personal development and the growth of their love have been so organic, endearing and moving.

I can't wait to see what the next panels have to offer for them!
Lostariel 15th Oct 11:43 AM, 2018
That's LOVE baby!!!
Daisy 15th Oct 1:43 PM, 2018
I'm so happy to see them together having grown and overcome obstacles. And to overcome any future obstacles by each other's side.
Roxasgx 15th Oct 2:19 PM, 2018
Awwwww..... now kiss
Vain.3805 15th Oct 7:43 PM, 2018
Let's focus on what's important here. HE HAS THE SAME NOSE
Miss Elcia 15th Oct 11:08 PM, 2018
And the same mane! (Argus, my boy, I don't agree with your witch of a mother, however, you'll probably want a hair tie if you're going to be of any use about the farm.)
And that's not to mention how Ms Megan has done a fantasy job ensuring he has the same expressions too.
Narnia4Aslan 15th Oct 10:11 PM, 2018
Alright Argus! I see your right hand is unoccupied! Go ahead and take your love's face in your hand and kiss her!
Alexandra 16th Oct 1:19 AM, 2018
"A heart is a heavy weight"

-Sophie Howl's Moving Castle

ch1ck4do0dl3 16th Oct 1:23 AM, 2018
Dude, did she not just say she'd know you no matter what you look like? It was store than just the physical similarities.

I'm glad she's telling him so.
Alison 16th Oct 7:28 AM, 2018
I think it's the first time that I like a beast character back in its human form ...I read a lot a version of this and i've always felt like the character was less touching than his beast form ... not here ... my heart is melting !!!!
Thank you so much for your story!! Kisses from France !
Guest 16th Oct 7:47 AM, 2018
kiss her, she wants you to kiss her boy

*settles in for some romance*
Fluffy 16th Oct 7:45 PM, 2018
GJDSHAFKL I just realized the last bit Beauty says is a repeat of what Beast said back when they were looking at the stars together (Act Two, Chapter Six: 039) and wow I'm dying.
Cristen 17th Oct 12:23 AM, 2018
i think my heart just burst with love and joy. I came into this story about 1/2 way in but I am glad I went back to the start.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:36 PM, 2018
"I'm afraid I might not be what you bargained for" and "Because I know what's here...beating like a little bird against its cage" are both such perfect lines, to the point where I kind of want to tell you to "Shut the front door" Megan! I'm glad you went the webcomic route with this adaptation, but I definitely think you could have pulled off a novel if you'd gone in that direction, given how good the writing here is.

Also, I'm still waiting on that direct confession (though these two are both oozing with love at this point, so I don't really need it). God, they're so cute!