Act Three, Chapter Five: 61

22nd Oct 10:32 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 61
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Oct 10:32 PM, 2018
oh hey


Roxasgx 22nd Oct 10:35 PM, 2018
Aaawwww so cute.
Mar-ee 22nd Oct 11:53 PM, 2018
both sweet and enchanting
Kawaii overload!!! 23rd Oct 5:06 AM, 2018
This story is winding down, but I'm glad for it! They're earned their happily ever after.
They may be together now but only time will tell if they'll make it stick.
*casually grabs a poking stick*
Welp! If you excuse me, I have to go and meet with some sort of personification of Time to *coughs* convince it on something.
Guest 23rd Oct 7:44 AM, 2018
They are adorable together. Now that they finally kissed I am so curious to see how the comic wraps up.

Will we see them return home? Will they marry? Will they have children?
Guest 23rd Oct 7:46 AM, 2018
Thanks to your storytelling, I now find myself constantly looking at roses suspiciously.
QuillMarie 23rd Oct 8:59 AM, 2018
Am I the only one who is still kind of anxiously keeping an eye out for Argus's evil mom to make an appearance? I know Argus has been the Beast for "longer than I was a man", several lifetimes worth, so hopefully she's long dead, brought to justice for her machinations on the queen, but since we don't KNOW that yet, I'm half expecting her appear on the next page, start slow clapping, throw in a a snarky, sarcastic, "how quaint, you found a new lover", and have these two face ANOTHER final boss battle.
Guest 23rd Oct 12:50 PM, 2018
MsMegan did say something once on her Tumblr blog implying that we'd get some resolution about that horrible mom. I don't know what's in store, but I hope it's nothing that interferes too much with Beauty and Argus's happiness – maybe just a glimpse of her grave, with an indication of the bad fate (we can hope) she met, and both Argus and Beauty having mixed emotions about this reveal.
LovePsycho 23rd Oct 12:04 PM, 2018
I love this. So fluffy. They have earned all the kissing and happiness. Aaaah once this is done I have to get hardcopies and read it multiple times at once!
Miss Elcia 23rd Oct 12:17 PM, 2018
There's been plenty of time to contemplate how this tale wraps up.
Like the various reactions Beauty's family might have. And Argus' reactions in turn.
Maybe we'll see a wedding? Argus unwittingly sent ahead enough stuff to more than pay for his own simple wedding AND a new wing on the house for their own room.
Maybe Virtue will spill the beans concerning who she's in love with?
As for Argus' witchy mother, I hope she got caught trying to poison the Queen and her child. Though I occasionally wondered if she paid a visit to that fountain herself. Some of her wording in her guilt trip rants makes me wonder.
Guest 23rd Oct 12:26 PM, 2018
Darn it I meant Temperance not Virtue.
Evie 23rd Oct 4:15 PM, 2018
I read this whole comic up to the most current update in one day. It is amazing. The art is gorgeous, the pacing of the story is excellent. These characters are so thoughtful and alive and it's evident how much love has gone into this story. A spectacular read!!! Thank you for making it!
Guest 23rd Oct 5:12 PM, 2018
Endearing kiss scene. Yet, I know everyone is thinking this; what happens next?
Pat R 24th Oct 8:33 PM, 2018
Pretty sure Beauty's dad and sisters are gonna be either shocked or confused (or both) when they meet Argus and it's explained who he is.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:40 PM, 2018
What an idyllic scene! There are roses and even some birds flying around in the background. I really enjoy that she has her arms around his neck. You get him, Beauty!

I'd love it if they kept snogging for a while and then some, but I'm pretty sure they're going to need to work up to that. Time to head on home, kids!