Act Three, Chapter Five: 62

25th Oct 10:00 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 62
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Oct 10:00 PM, 2018
I'm a guest of Hal-con this weekend! Maritime friends, please come say hi and pick up a copy of BATB, or Gothic Tales, or the latest Disney Princess!


Fluffy 25th Oct 10:07 PM, 2018
I'm so proud of these beans (,:
Mar-ee 25th Oct 10:58 PM, 2018
KatieKat 25th Oct 11:01 PM, 2018
The Doodler 25th Oct 11:23 PM, 2018
The Doodler
Lookit these dorks. Gaze upon them.
melaredblu 25th Oct 11:25 PM, 2018
Man, the past several pages just have so much catharsis for these two. It's wonderful to finally see them finding a moment of ease.
Guest 26th Oct 1:05 AM, 2018
Thank goodness, he's needed someone to say that for who knows how long.

BTW way to be a badass Beauty, and a loving one at that.
the selkie wife 26th Oct 2:37 AM, 2018

ugh but these two!!! just -- laughing together!!! being so Soft with each other!!! their expressions in the last panel!!!!!
Sailor Phantom 26th Oct 3:27 AM, 2018
It's 12:30am here, I am geeking out with giddy giggles as my husband watches commenting on how moved I am. AND I AM!!! GOODNESS YES!!! HUZZAH!!!! I can not tell you how much I LOVE this panel, more so than the kiss! It's just so sweet, so kind, so innocent and pure!! THEY ARE COMPLETELY OPEN AND TRUTHFUL! No worries of magical repercussions! This just fills my heart with joy!!
Guest 26th Oct 7:51 AM, 2018
They are adorable. So cute.
Tantz Aerine 26th Oct 1:59 PM, 2018
Tantz Aerine
Looks like they'll be unable to look at each other without at least giggling once for a good while.
Stitchlingbelle 26th Oct 2:26 PM, 2018
Omg these feels are killing me
SkyBot 26th Oct 8:31 PM, 2018
Ahhhh it’s just like the scene in the castle when they woke up together. They’re so sincere and sweet.
Dragonlady 27th Oct 6:50 AM, 2018
Oh,my heart..This is so sweet and so perfect!!
erinacea 27th Oct 10:49 AM, 2018
Awww... For some reason this is even more adorable than their kiss. <3
Guest 27th Oct 1:29 PM, 2018
Awwwww! I love this scene! (Squeals in glee!)
Morgan 28th Oct 8:15 PM, 2018
I don’t want this to end yet at the same time I cannot wait to see everything finalized! Could you maybe keep doing this forever so I don’t have to say goodbye? ?
Lostariel 29th Oct 10:03 AM, 2018
look at them LAUGHING and in LOVE
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:44 PM, 2018
Oh my god! The laughter! The LONG-AWAITED CONFESSION OF LOVE! They're so cute! My heart can't take this sweetness, Megan, it really can't. <3