Act Three, Chapter Five: 63

29th Oct 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 63
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Oct 12:00 AM, 2018
This one's a bit wonky-looking. We had a great time at Hal-con, but got stranded in Halifax longer than originally anticipated!


Kawaii overload!!! 29th Oct 9:32 PM, 2018
Argus as a gardener just sounds right, though he could still do well as an apothecary. Either way, he would work very well with plants.
Miss Elcia 30th Oct 10:38 AM, 2018
He definitly could become an apothecary on the side.
One with a very strict "don't you dare ask me for poisonous mixes" policy.
Silvre 29th Oct 9:52 PM, 2018
They’re so gosh darn cute I can’t stand it! ?
Mar-ee 29th Oct 10:30 PM, 2018
I think she's trying to indicate come with her. Work as a gardener.
Roxasgx 29th Oct 11:28 PM, 2018
Omg beauty wants Argus( sorry if I spell his name wrong)to move in with her and her family.
the selkie wife 30th Oct 3:38 AM, 2018

i'm sorry, you're not going to get anything coherent out of me now. they're too cute together. and beauty, that has to be the simplest, most beautiful proposal ever.
Narnia4Aslan 30th Oct 5:02 AM, 2018
Oh! He's so tall! I like it! :)

It's a fact! These two are the most adorable couple!
QuillMarie 30th Oct 8:49 AM, 2018
yeah! It surprised me. It's natural for Beauty to be smallish next to Beast, but I didn't know Argus would be as tall. We never have seen them in human form standing together before this!!!
QuillMarie 30th Oct 8:49 AM, 2018
yeah! It surprised me. It's natural for Beauty to be smallish next to Beast, but I didn't know Argus would be as tall. We never have seen them in human form standing together before this!!!
Guest 30th Oct 7:38 AM, 2018
It's gonna be like Full House. Better make a space for Argus in the house, Dad.
Miss Elcia 30th Oct 10:29 AM, 2018
Argus you sweet idiot she's asking you to move in with her... You know become part of the family... Get married cause you're in love...The correct response is to say yes excitedly while you spin her around.
Heh, it's a good thing he sent Papa and Beauty home with a great many gifts, they are really gonna need that extra wing and some party clothes.

And gosh darn it I love how his mouth still does that tiny triangle thing when he's sorta surprised or confused! Between that and his abused nose, Ms Megan you've managed to make the most recognizable human Beast I think I've seen.
Nicole 30th Oct 11:18 AM, 2018
Beauty, were you not paying attention? His "ornamentals" had practical medicinal properties, which he listed off to you several times!

But yeah, I can see why beans are important. (But not beets. Beets are appalling. More power to all of you who can eat beets without a fuss)
LovePsycho 30th Oct 2:28 PM, 2018
Beets are quite tasty when made nicely and very good for you.
PK 30th Oct 5:49 PM, 2018
I think she was talking about the roses....
Cartoon Sara 30th Oct 12:30 PM, 2018
Now that we’re figuring out the specifics of a not free of challenges but still happy domestic life, I’m realizing that I’ll be rather disappointed if they don’t get a dog.
Tantz Aerine 30th Oct 6:59 PM, 2018
Tantz Aerine
A little country garden and a white picket fence :D
Guest 30th Oct 7:38 PM, 2018
This is wonderful. One of the things I like about this version of the story is that Beauty always has been the more practical-minded of the two; always wanting to be useful, getting bored when she has nothing of practical use to do, etc. It's fitting that she should be the one to find practical use for Argus's talents and lay the groundwork for him to build a new life. It's the perfect way she can repay him for showing her that she's "useful" just by being her sweet, earnest, lovely self.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:51 PM, 2018
I missed this page too. It looks like you posted this riiiiight before my thesis was due, though, so that makes sense. Anyway--no, kids, the castle is not gone, because Elise is going to be watching over it and making sure it doesn't get up to its usual mischief.

"I don't know where to begin [building a future]" Argus says, and Beauty suggests that he could start by helping them with the family garden. I bet he'd love that, Beauty, especially because it would mean he gets to spend more time with you and could get to know the rest of your family. Though Temperance might be a little annoyed that she's going to have the "oddest" romantic inclications in the family now, because you're no longer a fuzzy boy. No one is ever going to believe that Beauty was a furry. Not one soul. ;)

Beauty blushing over her own suggestion is super cute, by the way.