Act Three, Chapter Five: 65

5th Nov 10:28 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 65
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 5th Nov 10:28 PM, 2018
After we wrap the story proper, please keep checking back. We'll take a little break before moving into the epilogue!


Roxasgx 5th Nov 10:58 PM, 2018
Guest 5th Nov 11:24 PM, 2018
Laura 5th Nov 11:48 PM, 2018
Does this mean they exchanged hearts?! Oh my Gooooooddddd...... ohmygooOOOOODD...... (slowly lays down on the floor) ohmyGOOOOoooodddddd
Runtytiger 22nd Jan 7:49 AM, 2021
What does it mean!? wHAT DOES IT MEAN!? Metaphorically? Literally!?
PontifexMurilegus 5th Nov 11:59 PM, 2018
AAAAAAAhhhhHhh! Swom has best-Doggo with her too!
Mar-ee 6th Nov 12:11 AM, 2018
Its a bit bittersweet, they're happy ending means she's bound to that castle for life. But at the same time we all know she would do this again with no regrets.
Wendy Emlinger 6th Nov 1:30 AM, 2018
True, but no mother minds if in the end her child is happy.
the selkie wife 6th Nov 3:44 AM, 2018
mama elise, who are you talking to????!!!

oh wait OH WAIT ARE THOSE DOGGO EARS I SEE OR JUST A CONVENIENTLY-SHAPED PIECE OF STONE (last panel, the right-hand side of elise's cloak)
The Newbie 6th Nov 7:22 AM, 2018
I believe you are right, too convenient not to be!
MK_Wizard 6th Nov 7:31 AM, 2018
Ah, so she was the true keeper the whole time.
Guest 6th Nov 7:33 AM, 2018
I see the pupper is now with the mom. Which is adorable.

I am excited for the epilogue and I will wait ever so patiently for it.
C'est belle 6th Nov 9:52 AM, 2018
...because the theme music is stuck in my head now and I love it...
The Doodler 6th Nov 10:08 AM, 2018
The Doodler
The lawyer gets her fee. ^_^
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 5:57 PM, 2018
Aaaaand Elise and Aornis are still around, too, even if our kids can't see them anymore. I do like the idea that once the Beast learned to accept love from Beauty, the castle/curse could no longer control him, which explains how he shifted back to being human from the contract-perspective.
RuntyTiger 22nd Jan 7:57 AM, 2021
Dear Artistrator, (quoting the cat)

Beast (Argus) Forfeited his heart when he literally stabbed himself in self hatred, so how is he able to give him hers? I know magic at times is used as a metaphor or symbol, but then how was he able to give her his heart, whole and healed?

I remember reading this series back in 2016 to its completion, and coming back to reread it (after the US President inauguration of 2020), I am suddenly bothered by this little information. I could just simply accept “it’s magic”, but magic is usually a catalyst and in this world “wild”, it would not really have an incentive to heal the heart of a self hating, dying man other than making him one of their own or a “servant”.