Act Three, Chapter Five: 66

8th Nov 11:00 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 66
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Nov 11:00 PM, 2018
Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Please keep checking back, we'll be taking a little breather and then having a short epilogue!


Fluffy 8th Nov 11:01 PM, 2018
Thank you again, Ms. Megan!! It's such a bitter sweet moment to see this comic come to an end. Such a beautiful story the whole way through. (,:
MK_Wizard 8th Nov 11:01 PM, 2018
I am looking very forward to the epilogue! Though I am a bit sad too because now the story is officially over.
Anonymous Puffin 9th Nov 9:51 AM, 2018
Ditto. I think someone once said that the best stories are the ones that make you sad that you have reached the words "the end".

Definitely the case here, so well done MsMegan, and a big thank you!
Roxasgx 8th Nov 11:10 PM, 2018
Thank you so much for this beautiful story Ms. Megan.I'm sad that it's coming to an end, but I am excited about the epilogue. Again thank you
Sophi(e)a 8th Nov 11:10 PM, 2018
Thank you for this wonderful story, Ms. Megan! I look forward to the epilogue!
Mar-ee 8th Nov 11:18 PM, 2018
I almost can't believe its finished. Not counting epilogue its just whoa
Guest 8th Nov 11:44 PM, 2018
I cried to see END cant handle it
Im happy with the ending thank you Ms. megan for such a wonderful story! I absolutely love this retelling so much ❤ Im also so sad this journey is ending
Sailor Phantom 8th Nov 11:53 PM, 2018
I'm trying so hard not to cry at seeing The End, but happy tears. More so knowing that there is going to be an epilogue.
quigly 9th Nov 12:06 AM, 2018
oh my goodness, i'm so sad to see this comic go but what an accomplishment!! you've created a beautiful & unique retelling, and i will always think of it so warmly. thank you so much.
Helena 9th Nov 2:45 AM, 2018
The end couldn't be more satisfying. But I'm so used to wake up early every Tuesday and Friday to check the updates, and now I gonna miss it. I look forward for the epilogue!
Cargo 9th Nov 3:06 AM, 2018
I followed this comic for years and loved it! Thanks for the fun!
Awlwren 9th Nov 3:25 AM, 2018
My heart lurched when I saw the End, so I'm very glad to hear there is an epilogue to this beautiful work. Thanks for all the enjoyment and peace and love this story and your lovely art has brought to me and others!
Kawaii overload!!! 9th Nov 3:39 AM, 2018
Is no one gonna mention how Swom is wearing both her own feather cloak and Beauty's?
Just me?
Okay then!
But it is a great pleasure to have been here with the story. I will no doubt be waiting for the epilogue, happily.
Samoa 9th Nov 3:30 PM, 2018
I noticed when we first saw Beauty in the real world with human Argus, she was still wearing her outfit from whatever liminal space she met her mom in, but without her swan-feather cloak. (She was wearing something different when she and the Beast fell into the Bottomless Hole of Metaphorical Doom). Now we know where the cloak went! Thanks for pointing that out!
Guest 9th Nov 6:24 AM, 2018
Aaaaah I can't belieeeve it's over!! I've been reading this for years and it's done now! Thank you thank you Ms Megan, this is by far my most favorite adaptation of this tale <3
Pat R 9th Nov 6:32 AM, 2018
Years of dedication have culminated in this tale's completion. Thank you, Ms. Kearney. :)
KSClaw 9th Nov 7:25 AM, 2018
I think this has to be my favourite interpretation of BaTB to this day <3 I got so excited when I first found it, and while I am sad to see it ending, it has been a wonderful ride. Thank you for all of your time and effort, and for this beautiful story.
samoa 9th Nov 7:58 AM, 2018
I can't believe it's over after more than five years of faithfully turning up twice a week for updates. This comic has literally gotten me out of bed on Tuesdays more times than I can count. (Fridays are easier) I have loved every second. Can't wait until there's a physical copy of part 3 because I will buy it and love it to death.
Can't wait for the epilogue! Once you start it, will the posting schedule be the same?
Guest 9th Nov 8:11 AM, 2018

I can't wait to read the epilogue. But what an ending! Perfect! Loved every bit. Thank you for writing this and taking us on this unique Beauty and the Beast tale. :)
Kate Norlander 9th Nov 8:19 AM, 2018
Thank you so much. I came to this only about a year ago, but since then, it has become something I looked forward to twice a week. I wanted to see how you would wrap up the story, but now I will miss it. I will definitely check back periodically for the epilogue!
Kukki 9th Nov 8:24 AM, 2018
Kukki 9th Nov 8:28 AM, 2018
I hope we see him telling her his name, and her realizing it’s the same as in the book she found.

At the same time, I hope it skips ahead and we get to see them married and with babies. ?
Anonymous Puffin 9th Nov 9:55 AM, 2018
I have a feeling she might already have figured out what his name is. I'd like to see him tell her, only to be surprised himself by the fact that she already 'guessed' it.

I hope we see the family's initial reaction to Beauty bringing home her Beast (and also, babies! ^^)
Miss Elcia 9th Nov 10:14 AM, 2018
I need to see the family's reactions to her bringing home her "Beast". Then I'll take a time Uhm lapse? (Yeah think that's the best description) of their life together. Skipping to happy ending forever babies while a perfectly fine traditional story ending always lacks the emotional investment of character reunions.

And Argus' character definitly deserves the welcome into an actually decent family full of things like being accepted as a "son" and the companionship of "siblings" and the support of his interests and life choices from an actually loving partner. Stuff his former time as human utterly lacked.

(Comments about needing and taking is in no way meant to boss around the artist/writer and should not be taken as demands of any sort. You do you Ms Megan.)
Samoa 9th Nov 3:35 PM, 2018
She does know his real name. (Act III, Chapter 4 p. 14)
Hallan 9th Nov 8:56 AM, 2018
Thank you so much for this wonderful story!
Megan 9th Nov 9:10 AM, 2018
Thank you so much for this beautiful story! I am excited for the epilogue but to also go back and read the comic in its entirety.
That One Girl at SPX 9th Nov 9:35 AM, 2018
Goodness me, I can't believe we have an end page. Thank goodness for epilogues!! This is definitely one of the comics I'm going to have to re-read in full when I've got time. Thank you so much!!!
Gwen P 9th Nov 3:10 PM, 2018
Congrats on "The End"! Thank you so much for your wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast! It's been one of my favorites. <3 So glad there's a little bit more in the form of an epilogue.
Lostariel 9th Nov 3:53 PM, 2018
I want to leave a long, meaty comment about how good this comic is, but I'm not sure I have it in me right now. Overwhelmingly I'm just feeling grateful for it and so glad I'm here to read the ending. Thank you so much for your work and creativity <3
Silvre 9th Nov 3:56 PM, 2018
Thank you so much for sharing your vision and passion with us! I’m sad it’s come to an end but am looking forward to the epilogue and any future projects you might have planned! Thank you!! ?
Cartoon Sara 9th Nov 4:59 PM, 2018
Panel 2 Translation: No kidding. Do you know how long I had to stare at him sometimes before he’d give me another treat?

Panel 3 Translation: Sure! I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but this place has a ton of great smells.

Ghost dog translations aside, thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m looking forward to the epilogue.
Steph L. 9th Nov 6:43 PM, 2018

I've been reading this comic live since the middle of Chapter 2. When it was first recommended to me, I really didn't think I would like it since there are so many Beauty and the Beast take-offs out there, however I found myself hooked after only a few pages. Your gorgeous, flowing art-style and true emotional portrayal make for one of the best webcomics I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you so much for taking us on this journey. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.
Prime_pm 9th Nov 9:10 PM, 2018

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
DS 9th Nov 11:43 PM, 2018
Congratulations and thank you! That was a beautiful ride. <3
Stitchlingbelle 10th Nov 1:54 AM, 2018
Ok, I'm crying.
Inkhare 10th Nov 1:12 PM, 2018
Congratulations on finishing! I loved reading this the whole time! thank you for all your time and effort creating your comic. Can't wait to read the epilogue :D
Kaychan87 10th Nov 2:01 PM, 2018
Thank you for letting us take this journey with you! I have enjoyed this so much and cannot wait to see the epilogue!
Guest 10th Nov 4:42 PM, 2018
Thank you for such a wonderful journey! Though I am sad to see it end, I'd enjoyed this story and can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Spoony Viking 11th Nov 7:09 AM, 2018
This was a beautiful retelling. I'm glad I found out about your comic, Ms. Megan.
The Newbie 11th Nov 11:44 AM, 2018
I am sad that this story had to end, a part of me is happy that the story ended well, but there is a part that wishes that it couldgo on forever. Thank you for sharing this awesome story ms. megan, I look forward to reading the epilogue!
Ariadne 11th Nov 12:09 PM, 2018
Thank you so much for this story!
I think you know how much it all means to us but it truly has meant so much for all these years. It's such a beautiful retelling alluding to elements of long-forgotten versions but still an original story in its own right. We'll always cherish it
Good Madness 11th Nov 2:46 PM, 2018
Hello! I’ve been reading since I first discovered your comic years ago. I love it very much and I just wanted to say congrats on ts completion, and thank you for sharing your creation with us all :)
Chug 12th Nov 12:07 AM, 2018
happy sigh, sad sigh, wistful sigh, romantic sigh, satisfied sigh...

just... *sigh*
eilidh 12th Nov 5:06 AM, 2018
I've been following this wonderful comic for a couple years now. I think it's the finest retelling of the Beauty and the Beast I've come across. Sensitive, nuanced, altogether beautiful. Congratulations!
Sybilla J 12th Nov 2:19 PM, 2018
RoseLily 13th Nov 8:58 AM, 2018
Thank you, Ms Megan! I'm not as old a reader as some others here, but the year I spent following this story has been wonderful.
Daisy 13th Nov 11:39 AM, 2018
I wanted to reach the end but now that I'm here I don't want to be! It's so bitter sweet especially since I'd check up every day there was an update. Now I won't know what to do with myself. I'll probably be checking in out of habit. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It's been wonderful journey.
The Young Entity 13th Nov 3:29 PM, 2018
I can't believe it's over! Omg, my heart's going to explode!
The Young Writer 13th Nov 3:29 PM, 2018
Thank you thank you thank you!
The Young Entity 13th Nov 3:30 PM, 2018
^^ *The Young Entity

Oops lol
Kuroro 14th Nov 10:21 AM, 2018
I just wanted to say long time reader, forever lurker, but...thank you. Thank you for making such a beautiful comic for us to enjoy. I’ve loved this so much and it is a bittersweet ending. Thank you <3
Anonymous Puffin 15th Nov 3:33 PM, 2018
"Parting is such sweet sorrow" ^^
manga 16th Nov 12:44 PM, 2018
I need to be able to post a copy of a comic from the Disney Princess strips. The one with Belle sobbing in the library and Beast asks if it was a sad book and Belle says no, it was good. Then he asks her why she's crying and she bursts into tears saying "It's over!"

Thank you so much for this, Ms. Megan. Do let us know when we can buy own copies!

(P.S. Did I miss where it was revealed how/when Argus became Beast? I remember lots of hints and flashbacks but I don't remember if we saw a finish to the storyline with his awful egg donor.)
Jaxci 17th Nov 2:42 PM, 2018
Thank you for putting all of your blood, sweat and tears into this story and sharing it with us. It has been an amazing ride, and it sucks that it has to end, but you've done so well with your re-tellling!! I can't wait to see other works from you!!
Mistress Dizzy 18th Nov 9:42 PM, 2018
Thank you for the amazing comic. I truly enjoyed every page. Looking forward to the epilogue.
The_Rippy_One 19th Nov 9:05 AM, 2018
Welp, all of the story in a single night - that's how fairy tales do things, is it not?

It was an enchanting evening, concluded just as dawn began to etch the horizons.

Thank you for the pleasure of it, author. Thank you for the magic.

A most worthy work, and well crafted.
Felina 20th Nov 12:09 AM, 2018
Thank you so much for this beautiful story -journey- you've guided us through, Meagan.

I had sadly left off in September due to life getting crazy, and overall this year has not been the kindest to me.

Seeing this work finally reach its happy ending has been like a restorative panacea concealed in a humble bottle. Thank you again for making this!
(P.S. I'm already imagining Argus meeting his in-laws and how entertaining that'll be. I also like imagining that Temperance found a nice country girl.)
Guest 24th Nov 2:11 AM, 2018
Wow. Just wow.

You have created a masterpiece. I must say, this is the first and only webcomic I’ve ever read, and I think you’ve spoiled me for life. No other webcomic will ever measure up to this one in terms of sheer characterization, skill, beauty, charm, visuals, personality, storyline, emotion, and plot. This has been an amazing ride, and I’ve enjoyed it so very much. Thank you for your time, talent, and dedication. We are so incredibly grateful for the hours and hours and days and years you put into this.

Again, just wow. Thank you. :)
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 6:08 PM, 2018
First, the beginning panels of the page. "What a stubborn boy, your master"--SO TRUE, THOUGH! It took over 700 pages for him to grow enough to shake off his curse. "I could use a hand in bringing such an unruly magical ruin to heel" Elise adds, inviting Aornis to stay with her and help her keep the castle in check. Looks like neither of them will be alone in this haunted place. Sooooo good!

Second, seeing "End" on the last panel is bittersweet. I'm really happy and proud that you've finally reached the end of this project, Megan (sans the epilogue). At the same time, I'm going to miss tuning in every Tuesday and Friday for updates. "Beauty and the Beast" is my favorite fairy tale, and you've done a magnificent job with your adaptation of it. I also had a lot of fun making theories and talking with you about it over the years. It feels like an era is ending in our lives as well as yours, and while I'm happy with the outcome, I'm still sad that it's nearly over.

That being said, I'm also excited to see where you go from here! Will there be another epic webcomic in the future? Another fantasy and/or fairytale adaptation (possibly Cinderella, which you mentioned on your Twitter)? Or will you work on commissions and shorter comics for anthologies for a while? That would be completely understandable, given the changes in your life, but a part of me still selfishly hopes to see another series from you someday. Until then, though, please let us know when Act III and the omnibus will be released! I'm sure we're all excited to add them to our shelves!