Epilogue: Page 02

30th Dec 7:27 PM, 2018 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 02
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Dec 7:27 PM, 2018
Whoops! This didn't update as it was meant to, sorry gang!


DreamPiper 30th Dec 7:36 PM, 2018
No problemo!~
Hope you had a good holiday!
Your story was so magical! ^_^
Narnia4Aslan 30th Dec 9:33 PM, 2018
It's working now!

Man, Argus looks beat, but I guess physical exhaustion is to be expected after any sort of extensive magical "use", even if just a conduit. And Change IS Hard. So looking forward to whatever is next! :)
Narnia4Aslan 30th Dec 9:35 PM, 2018
P.S. I really love the detail of the old "calculator" that Beauty's dad is using.
ShinyHappyGoth 30th Dec 9:43 PM, 2018
Argus: "'Sup."
Nyomi 30th Dec 11:29 PM, 2018
OH GOD I CAUGHT BACK UP. Talk about a binge read!

And of course this comic is as fabulous as it was the first time I read it. You did such an excellent job with everything - the characters, the pacing, the art. Jeez, I need to make sure I actually stay caught up here so I can read the last page right when it comes out. ;u;

I gotta ask, tho, how weird is it knowing you're about over with this comic? After all, this was like, half a decade's of work. I can't imagine. :^)
The Doodler 31st Dec 12:38 AM, 2018
The Doodler
Poor lad looks like he's been clocked in the head. Which he really sort of has.
Jessie Blue 31st Dec 1:50 PM, 2018
Jessie Blue
Miss Elcia 1st Jan 4:58 PM, 2019
This is exactly the accurate response to the return of this comic, even if it's just the epilogue.

And I continue to marvel at how much Argus continues to look like the Beast. Nice job Ms Megan!
Guest 2nd Jan 9:35 PM, 2019
Completely accurate depiction of how i felt checking in and seeing the epilogue!
Anglachel 31st Dec 5:42 PM, 2018
I'm spending my day today re-reading BatB. It grows with each time I do this. Thank you so much for creating this magnificent work & sharing it with us.
AbigailBrooks 31st Dec 6:24 PM, 2018
Well that doesn't look much like winter, Megan, but I'm sure we'll be getting there soon. ;) "Change is never easy. Life is a messy affair and that's that. There are no magical fixes without hard work behind them."--No kidding. This story has demonstrated how true that is in spades. I am also a little reminded of the Fullmetal Alchemist epilogue, and I hope that like in that one, we will get a scene after the voiceover. Otherwise this really will be a tiny epilogue (and you promised us something about Argus' mom, so I'll be waiting for that. Argus studying up on what happened after he disappeared, perhaps?).

Also, it amuses me that Argus was standing with Beauty just fine at the end of the last chapter, but now needs her to support him. It must have taken a lot out of him to walk this far (being a biped is hard). Virtue's shocked reaction is the best, because as far as she and the others know, Beauty is dragging some random handsome man back to the house. I'm sure they'll all make the intuitive leap that this is the Beast, but I'm looking forward to seeing how they all interact. I'm predicting that Argus is going to be very bashful, considering prior events. (Also, I know, I KNOW we worked so hard to get here, but I already miss his fuzzy self. I will need to do a full reread soon.)

Now as a reward for FINALLY reaching this page, I am going to treat myself to homemade caramel pecan rolls. I'd share some with you, Megan, but alas, we live in different countries. Even so, I hope you've had a wonderful holiday! Thank you for the update!
Sophi(e)a 2nd Jan 3:18 PM, 2019
I am so glad we're getting to see Argus introduced to the family. I was worried we might not get to see that, but I so very enjoy scenes like this.
Guest 2nd Jan 9:37 PM, 2019
Thank you for the update, of all the joyous events to pass this holiday season for myself and family this is in the top 5! ?
Dawn 8th Jan 8:02 PM, 2019
YESH!!!! I'm so happy to see this. Can't wait to see all the fluff of Argus becoming part of the fam. :D

Well deserved.