Epilogue: Page 03

4th Jan 9:26 AM, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 03
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Kirala 4th Jan 9:36 AM, 2019
Hang in there, Argus!

I'm loving the denouement of the epilogue, btw. It gives me that little taste more to go out on that i need so badly.
Priscilla 4th Jan 12:09 PM, 2019
poor Argus
the selfie wife 4th Jan 5:52 PM, 2019

also like, poor argus. i guess re-adjusting to a human body'll take some doing
Narnia4Aslan 4th Jan 9:34 PM, 2019
Are Beauty and Argus telling their story to their children? :)

Love this page! It's all around awesome.
Miss Elcia 5th Jan 8:01 AM, 2019
Me thinks he forgot he's at least a foot shorter, with much less up top and minus a nice counterbalancing tail. At Beauty's expense, I gotta say, I love her shear panic face.
Interesting reactions from the family.

Love the combined narrations. It is Their story after all.
Also, an era? Boy, Argus, that is a long time to be furry-afied. And plenty of time for his immediate family to be long gone.
Spoony Viking 6th Jan 5:32 AM, 2019
He's mentioned before "everything [he] knew turned to dust a long time ago", if I'm not mistaken.
AbigailBrooks 6th Jan 12:37 PM, 2019
Oh Argus, buddy, balance is going to be a fun thing for you to relearn. And now it looks like we're getting the time transition with the flowing of seasons and the family coming to accept Argus. I hope we get to see Beauty and Argus marrying and maybe even the Smol Rose Child next!
Pat R 7th Jan 12:12 PM, 2019
Looks like Argus has some things to get used to once more. All in due time, like anything else. :)

(oh, just want to point out, Ms. Megan. Missing "be"(?) where it says "...bonds to forged". Not a criticism, and I hope it doesn't come across that way)