Epilogue: Page 04

8th Jan 2:50 PM, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 04
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Jan 2:50 PM, 2019
Ya wanna eat ya gonna work


MK_Wizard 8th Jan 2:59 PM, 2019
Wow. I like this twist in the endings. Instead of Beauty going off to live a life of luxury with Beast after he becomes human, he came to live a life of humility with Beauty. For this take on the story though, I like it.
Guest 8th Jan 6:15 PM, 2019
Robin McKinley's "Rose Daughter" also has the Beast go back to the village with Beauty in the end. In retellings like this one or both of the two McKinley novels, where Beauty's sisters are sympathetic and the peasant life they've all built for themselves is portrayed as a good, contented one, this kind of ending really works. Especially in this case, since Argus's old aristocratic life was misery. It wouldn't work in every retelling (Disney's Belle, for example, just has to leave her provincial town and become a princess) but here it does.
Miss Elcia 8th Jan 10:02 PM, 2019
Rose Daughter is among my favorite retellings because it's ending. And also because the sisters aren't horrid.

Ms Megan I love how happy Argus finally looks. Lots of plants to mind, relatives that aren't the literal worst, no one criticizing his mane, and Glances
Miss Elcia 8th Jan 10:04 PM, 2019
And glances like that from his beloved Beauty.
Cristen O'Donnell 9th Jan 2:04 AM, 2019
Mine has always been Outlaws of Sherwood. However I agree that this ending feels earned and the way to happiness for everyone.
Maria 8th Jan 3:08 PM, 2019
Argus is so cute with that ponytail! Also that glance between them is great ? I think working on a farm would be a nice change after all those years. It's a different type of work and probably a welcome one for him.

In the last page, did he lose his balance or did he fall for another reason? Hoping we will see an answer on that.
Kawaii overload!!! 8th Jan 4:01 PM, 2019
He definitely fell from a lack of balance.
I'm also looking forward to hearing about what happened to LADY and maybe even Argus's bitchy ex-lover. Hopefully.
The Newbie 8th Jan 6:49 PM, 2019
Here here! Really wanting to know what happened to the people in his past!
Narnia4Aslan 8th Jan 9:50 PM, 2019
Meh. Personally I don't care if we know what happens to the Lady and Ex or not. Let the past be the past. They were both negative influences on Argus' life, but he has healed and grown beyond them. I understand the collective "reader"'s curiosity to know what happened. I know I am loading my own experience of negative and hurtful people that are no longer in my life into this situation but I think at some point giving their story a conclusion gives them "headspace" or a power they don't deserve.

If we do get this particular thread tied up, it's not bad. It's just not something I, as a reader, am looking for. Of course, Ms.Megan, you do whatever you like and whatever you think best for the story you're telling.
Miss Elcia 9th Jan 10:43 AM, 2019
You have a good point.

Personally, despite my curiosity concerning whether or not mother ever got what's coming to her or if she hurt the innocent Queen and/ her child, I don't actually want the epilogue wasting time on Argus' terrible past associates.

Random scenes of utter adorableness in the life of Beauty and the hubby she seems to have pulled from nowhere is more than enough for me. I'd gladly look at just that.
I'm up for a background Easter egg at best of the old king and his queen, Argus' half sibling, his mother, and the false lover.

Oh, but I am dying of curiosity concerning Temperance's mystery love...er.. presumably love lost given how she talked about it. Makes me sad to think she had someone and lost them, and has to live with everyone around her inadvertently reminding her of it because she bottled it up and told no one.
Helena 9th Jan 12:33 PM, 2019
I feel sorry for Temperance, too, because I feel she doesn't fit at that farm at all. She used to be a writer, before Dad went poor, and this new life maide all her artistic potential bite the dust. Not to mention Virtue's insinuations that Temp supposed to get married... to a local peasant, to get a bunch of kids and live in the country forever? Sounds okay for Beauty, but I feel that Temperance deserved better.
Margaret Moon 8th Jan 11:29 PM, 2019
So the story went the same route as the 2014 French film (ps: it’s a really interesting adaptation) but yes the ending is similar. I like either way. :)
the selfie wife 9th Jan 2:27 AM, 2019
Nicole 9th Jan 8:32 AM, 2019
This is awesome! I'm super looking forward to being able to buy this in print!
Sophi(e)a 9th Jan 2:27 PM, 2019
Like others have said, I am so happy we get to Argus and Beauty happy like this, working the farm and not in the splendor of some magically repaired castle. They both seem very happy here, and that makes me happy.

I also love the contrast of the silhouette to their real-life-right-now selves.
AbigailBrooks 8th Feb 10:51 PM, 2019
It feels surreal that this is the last evening I'll be leaving comments on this comic from you, Megan, and I can't say that I'm not feeling a little heartbroken as I write this. But it's hard to stay sad when we get to see how happy Beauty and the Beast are here. Them working together to support their family; the glances they exchange across the yard. I love how Argus is reflecting on how he guided Beauty during their time in the castle, and now she is guiding him in their everyday lives in the mortal world. The silhouettes of them on the last panel are a great callback to the rest of the story! I'm certain you're relieved to get this comic done, but I'm willing to bet some part of you is going to miss drawing your Beast. He has such a great design!