Epilogue: Page 05

11th Jan 10:33 AM, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 11th Jan 10:33 AM, 2019
I have to admit, it took me a while to warm up again to do the epilogue, but now I'm just feeling really happy to get to see these two again.

I think Temperance was probably the one who convinced him a high ponytail was a better look that a loose one...by grabbing it and pulling it tight with absolutely no warning, while snarkily calling him Prince Charming.


MK_Wizard 11th Jan 11:16 AM, 2019
I do the same thing. I draw out plans and such.
Anonymous Puffin 11th Jan 11:52 AM, 2019
This is such a wholesome ending :)

Also: the image of Temperance grabbing Argus's ponytail *smiling intensifies*
Sophi(e)a 11th Jan 12:24 PM, 2019
This page feels so *cozy* and that makes my heart happy.
the selkie wife 11th Jan 1:01 PM, 2019
*grabs page and smooshes it against self*

the domesticity i CAN'T

and his determination to write finally paid off!! shaky it might be, rough it might be, but he's /doing it/ and that's all that matters.

and not to be a creep, but damn, those arms
The Doodler 11th Jan 1:12 PM, 2019
The Doodler
This is such a good ending. Look at out boy learning how to be human again. And better humanning than he could do the first time around.
Cartoon Sara 11th Jan 2:00 PM, 2019
Argus seems to feel it is very important to indicate that “box is warm and/or smelly inside.” :)
Priscilla 11th Jan 3:11 PM, 2019
Is that box for fertilizer ?
Miss Elcia 11th Jan 6:09 PM, 2019
Hahaha, Ms Megan you don't even need to draw that image of Temperance telling her new brother-in-law what she thinks of his hair style choices. You've said it. It's canon. my brain is handling the rest. I am not even surprised, I'm honestly just sad this is ending and we won't get much more.

As for the box Argus is drawing I'm putting my money on it being a cold frame. Given that he's also drawing plans for little A frame greenhouses.

All in all this is officially my favorite batb ending. I can't actually express properly how much I'm loving it.

Also Ms Megan you've managed to drop references to Rose Daughter of things I loved in that retelling that enhance YOUR character's depth without resorting to copying. That can't have been easy, so I must congratulate you for doing such a good job.
Guest 11th Jan 7:49 PM, 2019
I think is adorable the fam all lives together and they don't question the "beast". Wonder if they will buy a dog, wonder if they will have kids...
Helena 12th Jan 3:48 PM, 2019
I only wish that Temperance had a better fate. Just like Belle, she doesn't fit to the provincial life. If Argus is write, that means they have paper, so Temperance should start writing her stuff again. She deserves better.
Anonymous Puffin 13th Jan 10:00 AM, 2019
Who's to say she won't?
*starts petition for Temperance to become an author*
Maria 13th Jan 8:08 PM, 2019
Love these two! Love their cute little smiles together and their easy time in each other's presence.

Plus, Happy Argus. He deserves it.

I also really like that he's back to drawing. That first panel with his hand and the pencil is beautifully drawn.
Lostariel 15th Jan 7:51 PM, 2019
the last panel is so cute i'm dying
AbigailBrooks 8th Feb 10:54 PM, 2019
Oh my gosh, he's making a little greenhouse! I love it. It's also really touching to hear how he's growing as time goes on--focusing on developing a healthier mental outlook on life, learning which patterns he can leave behind, and in general enjoying his life more, in part thanks to Beauty and her guidance. I could happily spend pages watching them drink tea together. They're so cute!