Epilogue: Page 08

22nd Jan 10:50 AM, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 08
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Jan 10:50 AM, 2019
The neighbours love a shindig, especially if the gossip is as buckwild as this is (thanks Temperance).


MK_Wizard 22nd Jan 10:52 AM, 2019
Sounds like my kind of contract. I should know. I signed it to the love of my life.
Tantz Aerine 22nd Jan 10:53 AM, 2019
Tantz Aerine
Elowen 22nd Jan 6:28 PM, 2019
The Doodler 22nd Jan 10:57 AM, 2019
The Doodler
The fact that he apparently got another dog is a lovely touch.
Kirala 23rd Jan 12:13 AM, 2019
I'm... I'm not sure that's *another* dog. I wonder if Aornis has slipped the castle for the day? Because those dark spots look like they *could* be her wounds.
the selkie wife 22nd Jan 12:10 PM, 2019
Guest 22nd Jan 12:28 PM, 2019
So happy for them!

I hope we hear more from Beauty's perspective before the epilogue is over. They've both earned this so beautifully!
QuillMarie 22nd Jan 2:22 PM, 2019
I was guessing the greenhouse with a rose, but I HAD NO IDEA WE'D GET TO SEE THE WEDDING!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sophi(e)a 22nd Jan 3:39 PM, 2019
It feels very monumental that he's able to refer to the wedding as a contract without any negative emotions (at least that we can see). That's some good growth right there.
Roxas gx 22nd Jan 5:21 PM, 2019
omg they getting married.
ShinyHappyGoth 22nd Jan 7:37 PM, 2019
I like that little "C'mon, c'mon!"
Pat R 22nd Jan 8:03 PM, 2019
Get ready to catch the bouquet! :D
Mr Hats 22nd Jan 8:34 PM, 2019
Oh dang, I can just imagine the rumors swirling around!
Maria 22nd Jan 9:44 PM, 2019
I'm completely hyperventilating!!!!

Ughhh also Argus looks so regal and handsome this page and the last page. Love how content he is, love his enthusiasm for this last contract ?

"my last contract and my best" ???
Guest 22nd Jan 10:23 PM, 2019
I wonder what the story they give to the neighbors regarding Beauty snagging this handsome dude. Hope all the girls who made fun of her are envious.
Stitchlingbelle 22nd Jan 11:35 PM, 2019
Rawr. That's a good look on him!

And for some reason the roses look particularly amazing.
Sugarbee 23rd Jan 10:43 AM, 2019
I am CRYING in the club rn. I'm so happy for these crazy kids. I've been reading since maybe the end of Act 1 and i just

Man it's so good to see them happy together.

Now I have to get ready for class I dont want to XDDD
Priscilla 23rd Jan 11:24 AM, 2019
Miss Elcia 23rd Jan 1:23 PM, 2019
See Papa there was a very good reason for The Beast to send your daughter home with such gifts you "can't afford to provide anymore".
The whole family could get dressed up proper for the wedding thanks to Argus' generous heart.

But I'm more excited about the fact he looks genuinely at home and happy and that he used his first home grown, new life, rose in winter as his err... boutonnière (is apparently the name of such things). How lucky that it bloomed just in time.
Hallan 24th Jan 5:16 PM, 2019
Yes! Yes! Yes! The world does not contain enough yesses to yes this with the yesses it needs! Woohoo!!!
Nicole 25th Jan 9:39 AM, 2019

What she said
wright1 25th Jan 11:33 AM, 2019
D' awww... Such lovely bittersweet, seeing such a tale approach its end. We part with these characters, this world, but with the satisfaction that they have earned and deserve this departure.

Many thanks to them and to you.
AbigailBrooks 8th Feb 11:19 PM, 2019
Oh, there is so much to love on this page! First, yes, he was growing roses for Beauty, BUT ALSO FOR THEIR WEDDING! EEEEE! Also, look at that dog in the last panel. And Claude with his and Virtue's baby, and I think one of Beauty's classmates from earlier in her life in the crowd? Temperance beckoning Argus forward is great, and Beauty is in what looks like a gorgeous dress. Argus' smile in the mirror and the "There's time then for one final contract--my best" line is heartwarming enough to make me tear up! It's perfect, Megan!