Epilogue: Page 10

29th Jan 11:03 AM, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 10
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Jan 11:03 AM, 2019


The Doodler 29th Jan 11:07 AM, 2019
The Doodler
His little happy dance!
MK_Wizard 29th Jan 11:10 AM, 2019
This is beautiful. If only his mom could see him now.
Guest 29th Jan 11:23 AM, 2019
Why would he want her to see him? After all the hell Lady put him through from breaking his nose as a child just because he let loose his pets birds to free them from her wrath to making him try and kill his baby half brother as a way of securing his "throne", I would rather see her buried 10 feet under in a nameless grave, hopefully damned to all the crimes she committed. She never deserved Argus and I say she doesn't even deserve any future grandbabies. As far as I can tell the only thing I want is confirmation that she's dead and she got caught, which I'm not doubting if she ended up doing it herself after Argus vanished and she did it very sloppily or failed to do so.
MK_Wizard 29th Jan 11:41 AM, 2019
I meant for her to see what she never had faith in. What no one had faith in. He made something of himself while his mother wound up truly alone, his ex doomed herself to only being of use for sex until she gets too old, and his father's hedonism has probably already caught up to him.
Guest 29th Jan 5:25 PM, 2019
Oh, I see. Sorry about that. (*ยด-`)
MK_Wizard 29th Jan 5:32 PM, 2019
It's cool.
Anonymous Puffin 31st Jan 8:46 AM, 2019
I agree Argus's mother should have seen this. In the spirit of "Forgive your enemies...nothing annoys them more", if nothing else ;)
the selkie wife 29th Jan 11:17 AM, 2019
oh, they're so happy!!

and i sense a transition in the lower right corner.........swan mum and aornis?? time jump?? flashback?? who knows!!
Sophi(e)a 29th Jan 2:16 PM, 2019
I love that they're so happy and surrounded by family.
Priscilla 29th Jan 6:00 PM, 2019
I'm not crying you're crying
ch1ck4do0dl3 30th Jan 10:42 AM, 2019
If Temperance is openly crying, I think we can admit to shedding tears ourselves.
Narnia4Aslan 29th Jan 9:47 PM, 2019
I love this page in so many ways and for many reasons, but I really like the small detail of Virtue's husband holding their baby. Good daddy!
Anonymous Puffin 31st Jan 8:49 AM, 2019
Ooh, well spotted! I missed that the first time round :)
Stitchlingbelle 30th Jan 1:58 AM, 2019
AAHHHHHHH I love this page.
Guest 31st Jan 8:02 AM, 2019
AbigailBrooks 8th Feb 11:33 PM, 2019
I've been meaning to make this comment on the earlier pages of this epilogue, but I also appreciate the care you've taken to show how time has passed since they left the castle. There was a question at the end of the finale of if their relationship would work out in the long run, and while we all knew it would, it is reassuring to see that Beauty and Argus took the time to see if their relationship would turn out to be as healthy and fulfilling as they were hoping it would be. Again, this is much better than the fantasy trope of the lovers marrying shortly after meeting.

As for the page itself--aww, Temperance is crying with happiness for them! I hope she and her girlfriend celebrate the occasion with lots of wine and cuddling later. Virtue's glee and the silhouette of Claude and their son is also adorable!

"But it's the nature of living things to change. Like climbing roses intertwining, better able to reach for the sun." Okay, yeah, you win at writing the best BATB version, hands down. I'm both in awe of that line and a little bit jealous of you pulling it off! ;) Never doubt that you're an amazing storyteller, Megan. As I said earlier, I'm really excited to see what you have in mind for future projects!
eekee 27th Mar 4:00 AM, 2019
Aww Temperance! <3

And Virtue and pops so happy, yay! hehe