Act one, Chapter Three: 17

31st Jan 11:28 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 17
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AbigailBrooks 31st Jan 11:44 PM, 2013
Annnnnd am I now screaming inside. This just abruptly got dark and creepy. Mommy dearest (or whoever you are), I do NOT think Beauty wants to risk her life by going onto the edge of the boat like that. Or by jumping off of it. Because even in a dream, that is a bad plan. (Still internally screaming.)

Question: did her mother go crazy at some point? Did Beauty's difficult birth somehow lead to her going a little off her rocker (I mean, she was delirious at the very least)? Or was she a reckless adventurer? Because the latter could explain where Beauty gets it from.

I mean, unless this is the Fae I've been theorizing about. Which would also make sense, given the outfit and the bells and the crazy smile and ridiculous balancing skills? (Shudders.) And here I thought someone was trying to wake her up. Wishful thinking, WISHFUL THINKING. I'm still not sure how much of this is just a dream or based on a memory, but either way, Beauty is going to be freaking out when she wakes up.

Also, as disturbed as I seem right now, I'm also loving this. OH THAT SMILE (shudders)! Oh the atmosphere! See, this is why the wait for an update kills me. Just...gah! I will hopefully be more coherent at a later date. Also, be warned: someday, when you get to the romance, my responses may devolve to "asdfghjkl;'." Because my BATB feelings.

Also, saying it again: that there be a slasher smile! Don't go to her, Beauty! You'll be tossed overboard somehow, I just know it! Or be severely traumatized (or both).

Looking forward to the next update, Megan, as usual.

Edit: I also just noticed the feathery cloaks they have on, which make it look like Beauty has little angel wings, and that this woman has big angel wings. Which seems to suggest some sort of daughter-mother relationship. That and the two of them look very similar. I think we may have glimpsed her mother's ghost earlier in the story, but I can't recall which page. Oh I'm good - just found it. And yep, she's wearing the same clothes. That IS her mother. Excellent.

Edit 2: My strong reaction is mostly due to that look a something I've seen in another manga. Which the following image covers nicely: Here's hoping the case between Beauty and her mother is not as extreme.
lsdjflsjdf 1st Feb 1:12 AM, 2013
Oooh creepy. This reminds of that scene in the animated movie Anastasia. I like it.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:34 AM, 2013
I know what you mean, lsdjifsjdf! (I must say, your name is rather difficult to type out!) Very much an Anastasia vibe. I like it :D
cattservant 1st Feb 1:57 AM, 2013
Depths upon the Deep,
Do we laugh or do we weep?
Dreams take sightless flight.
Lostariel 1st Feb 11:10 AM, 2013
I'm sure the bells and wings mean something, but I have no idea what, so I guess I'll have to wait. I wonder if her father also had dreams in the castle, especially if this is Beauty's mother, since he thought he was speaking to her...
Kim M 1st Feb 11:49 AM, 2013
I know that looks like Beauty's mother---and she's even wearing what looks to be the same thing as when Beauty's father saw her in the woods---but she also seems to have led him, and therefore Beauty, into this arrangement with the Beast. So is she really Beauty's mother or another spirit wearing her guise? And in either case, is she trustworthy? (More mysteriousness! Wunderbar!)
AbigailBrooks 1st Feb 2:16 PM, 2013
Well, we can look at this in a few ways. My first assumption upon seeing her leading Beauty's father to the castle - which set up this arrangement - was that the Beast had helped them save Beauty in the past, so now they owe him a debt - which can only be repaid by Beauty, who incurred that debt in the first place. On the other hand, this page suggests she wasn't...all there...because this is what Beauty remembers of her mother, or at least what her subconscious perception of her mother is. So her spirit might have led Beauty's father to the castle for less than sane/good reasons. This could also be a spirit or a fae taking her guise - Megan's supplemental notes on Beauty's birth (that she was delirious with fever) might even make that possibility probable. Perhaps her mother died then and something else took her place (like a fetch - which usually isn't even aware of what it's true nature is). Then again, Beauty's mother and the otherworldly creature we're theorizing about could be one and the same. In one retelling of BATB, Beauty is actually related to a fae (who I think is her aunt - I don't recall the relationship exactly). If nothing else, Megan is well-versed in the different retellings of this tale. So I guess we'll see what the future brings.

But whatever the case may be, I agree with you: this character is very mysterious - and, personally, I don't think she's trustworthy, if only because she's tempting Beauty into danger.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 12:31 PM, 2013
I may have screamed at this page the first time I saw it. Just...Elise, that smile. Stop it. That is the smile of a crazy person who thinks balancing on the prow of a ship in a storm is fun. Also, there is that giggle - that crazy little giggle. I'm still not convinced that Beauty's mother is entirely human, by the way. This may be a dream, but I feel as if it's based on a memory, and her balancing skills are so...improbable. That, and we once again get a character who is connected to the forces of nature, though in Elise's case, her elements seem to be much more wild and violent (the storm and sea, as opposed to the quiet forest the Beast presides over). It could be that Elise's beauty also conceals something that is not entirely...wholesome. This would contrast with the Beast, who has a fearsome appearance but is...I don't want to say good on the inside, since that implies that Elise has no goodness in her, but the Beast does seem more rational, stable, and well-intentioned. This might just be me rambling, though, XD.
nathyfaith 15th Feb 1:01 PM, 2016
It gives me the whole Anastasia's movie vibe. I have A MAJOR LOVE for that movie (you have no idea). I think this is really cool, though I wonder if Beauty isn't 'turned' into her mom in this panel, since we have her clothes looking likes feathers in the previous one.
Anyway, so very interesting! ;)