Act one, Chapter Three: 24

25th Feb 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 24
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Feb 11:07 PM, 2013

Hey readers, fans and friends!

It's been a bit tight around Casa de Kearney lately -- As I'm sure some of you know, things have been tough in creative industries the last little while. The Boy, a lead artist on such games as Shrek, Smurf Life and Magic Pets, has recently been laid off, and paying work has been scarce for me since Christmas. We've been putting up friends caught in similar situations for the past few months. Although we're both hunting for new contracts and positions, things aren't easy.

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AbigailBrooks 25th Feb 11:09 PM, 2013
I really want to wrap her up in a blanket and give her a big hug. As it is, I love the composition of this - namely how you use shadow and light. Which could be said of most of your pages, but still, I enjoy it. Then there's the reflection of those bright windows in her eyes - nice transition there. Looks like the Beast is also not having a restful night (but then, he is naturally nocturnal). I wonder if she's going to go see him? I'm not sure she would at this point in their relationship, but I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope so anyway!
cattservant 25th Feb 11:17 PM, 2013
A long sleepless night...

Paths unexpectedly crossed
In Night's dark forest.
osjdflsdf 26th Feb 12:00 AM, 2013
I wonder what she's looking at. Did another person turn a light on as well?
sheshallnotbenameless 26th Feb 12:31 PM, 2013
Ooh, this is so lovely. So the Beast apparently is roaming the halls, or at least has some lights on in one of the rooms. How am I to wait till Friday? D:

Also, regarding your comment I saw on the previous page, what exactly are "ashcan copies"?

One last thing. For your color drawings, would they be poster-sized?
MsMegan 26th Feb 4:08 PM, 2013
Heya! Ashcans are like photocopy type comics, rather than nice polished one. a colour commission would probably be something like an 8.5x11!
sheshallnotbenameless 26th Feb 5:38 PM, 2013
Sounds good! thank you for the prompt response!
disnemm 26th Feb 4:18 PM, 2013
Ahh, love the reflections in her eyes! They look so real!
Kim M 5th Mar 4:26 PM, 2013
Yay, invisible servants (or what-have-you)! And I love how you've conveyed the glaze of light on wet buildings and courtyard. Gorgeous. ...And, again, you've made me feel as though I'm right there with Beauty.
MsMegan 5th Mar 10:04 PM, 2013
This page went through about three drafts trying to figure out the light/rain/glass thing before I gave up and went with this.
Kim M 6th Mar 4:57 PM, 2013
I think you've captured it beautifully! So maybe you gave up at just the right moment? :)
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 2:22 PM, 2013
I also enjoy this page a great deal. Beauty just looks so vulnerable. I kind of want to make her hot chocolate and reassure her that everything's going to be okay. I also like the little details on the glass and how the bright windows are reflected in Beauty's eyes. I think we all know what's going to happen next....
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:00 PM, 2013
Perhaps my favorite thing is the light of the windows being reflected in her eyes. It adds to the mystery. Also, I feel like she's turning to the light, in a way, as her only friend in the place. And it's when she sees the room filled with light that she realizes there's another person--though perhaps not quite a friend--she can turn to.