Act one, Chapter Three: 27

7th Mar 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 27
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Mar 2:25 AM, 2013
Hey guys! Posters are available for preorder! They'll be full colour 11x17", and they're going to print for conventions this weekend, so drop me an email ( if you'd like one set aside for you!


a Drop of Beauty 7th Mar 11:09 PM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Oooooo something goona happen soon!!!
AbigailBrooks 7th Mar 11:19 PM, 2013
You know, it occurred to me rather recently how /different/ your version of the Beast is from the versions I'm used to. Mind you, I have a strong suspicion the Beast in Robin McKinley's stories bears some resemblance to this one, but having not read her two adaptations of the tale, I am mostly left with the Disney version and some...other...adaptations I've come across.

But this Beast is very gentle, reassuring, and perhaps a little too wise in the sense of him, at points, coming across as almost fatherly to Beauty, which is doubtlessly not your intention here (despite him being old enough to be her father). I'm sure, when we learn more about him, he'll gain more depth and be shown to share Beauty's level of emotional/mental maturity, more or less.

In any case, this is a good start to showing more of him - of his enjoyment of books. I've always been under the impression that Beauty leads him to like them in other versions (because she is supposed to "refine" her Beast), so this is rather refreshing. Now they can start bonding over reading! Also, a large part of me is squeeing, because a bookish gentleman is my favorite kind of man. XD

I absolutely cannot wait for the next update. He surely has to know she's there. Unless he's really lost in that book.... ;)

Until next time,
MsMegan 8th Mar 1:51 AM, 2013
Fairy tales are fun in that they tend to be blank slates. Characters do things, but don't have a lot of personality, which leaves a really interesting space to fill with your own inclinations. I've drawn primarily from Villeneuve and Beaumont for the narrative framework, and in both of those sources, we see a Beast whose gentleness (and sometimes dullness) is contrasted by his freaky exterior. McKinley definitely goes in for this interpretation, though Cocteau and Disney go for a wilder, more complicated lead. Although I've been whittling away at him for years, both you readers and poor Beauty are only just meeting him... I hope his personality will become a bit clearer as we go!
Laevateinn102 8th Mar 1:40 PM, 2013
I can see how the two original tales have played a big influence on your adaptation - that's the point of fairy tales: they're open for interpretation! Yet I can't help but look at the Beast and think of Kráska a Zvíre - the same goes for the appearance of the castle with the use of lighting and, of course, designs (or maybe I just love the Czechslovakian retelling so much that it just takes over every BatB retelling that I come across... :P)
MsMegan 9th Mar 2:18 AM, 2013
"Panna a Netvor" is my favourite BATB adaptation. I've only seen one other czech version, and it was a black and white TV adaptation of "Kraska a Zvire" from the 70s (the Beast costume was kind of hokey, but it ended with some SERIOUS making out). Were you referring to a particular adaptation of KAZ? Or just the general feel?
Laevateinn102 9th Mar 9:47 AM, 2013
The 1970's version of KAZ (nice to know I'm not the only one who LOVES Panna a Netvor, too!) - mostly in the way that your Beast talks - I can just imagine him sounding like the Beast from KAZ - only better!

I also thought they could've done a better job with the Beast's appearance in KAZ - I wasn't really sure what he was actually meant to resemble.
MsMegan 10th Mar 11:20 PM, 2013
A husky, maybe? Haha... I've only seen it unsubtitled, and I don't speak Czech, so I simply presume much of the dialogue is the same as Panna a Netvor, since they seem to share a root script.
Laevateinn102 11th Mar 2:19 PM, 2013
Same here - I think Panna a Netvor shares MOST of the dialogue with KAZ (other than extra scenes added in Panna to do with what actually happened to put the Merchant into debt). But I always thought that the Beast in KAZ looked kinda like an owl, a husky and a leopard put together... which works in theory I guess but could've been executed better.
MsMegan 11th Mar 3:04 PM, 2013
TV budgets being what they are, I think they did the best they could. I actually like Kraska's longing for him while she's away a lot better than Julie's in Panna A Netvor. It feels more poignant and mysterious. But that ending...Wow. Panna a Netvor has an erotic charge all throughout that sort of dissolves into sweetness at the end, but KAZ is pretty chaste right up until the credits roll, and then suddenly they're making out on the floor. That sure took me by surprise!
Laevateinn102 11th Mar 3:36 PM, 2013
Have to agree with you on how Kraska longs for the Beast - though I must admit that Julie's reluctance to long for Netvor does enforce her character a bit. As for the endings I'm more of a Panna than Kraska - I had to double take when they started making out at the end of KAZ myself!

You know it feels really nice to talk to someone else about the Czech counterparts of BatB - especially considering all that people seem to talk about nowadays are the Disney version (though I love the film very much, who wouldn't, right?), Beastly and CSI: Beauty and the Beast (the most recent one - what the HELL did they do to Vincent anyways? And yes, that's what I call it).
MsMegan 11th Mar 5:08 PM, 2013
I agree! Doing this comic is wonderful, but it's been almost as amazing to suddenly have so many people to talk about this stuff with! I absolutely love the Czech take on it. They all seem to be a based on very popular stage adaptation, which introduces the idea of the unseen Beast, and the gradual transformation enacted by the Beauty's idea of him.... I, too, have a massive crush on Disney, and I need to give CSI: BATB a chance...From what I saw, I really prefer the new Catherine to the old, but I'd much rather have Ron Perlman making soup and reading Byron than a PTSD PSA (I had a brotherly roomie who was an Iraq veteran...maybe that's why I can't seem to see New!Vincent as a romantic?).
asljflsjfd 8th Mar 1:16 AM, 2013
I love the close up of his hands and how delicate he's being with the book. I like the slight distinction that he's using two fingers to turn pages instead of one, less chance of ripping a page that way.
Stitchlingbelle 8th Mar 1:22 PM, 2013
Oh, the anticipation! And are those windows a nod to Mackintosh? I love them.
MsMegan 9th Mar 2:14 AM, 2013
They are indeed! There are (extremely anachronistic) mackintosh roses all over the place in The Castle!
Kim M 8th Mar 4:57 PM, 2013
Best. Room. Ever. (Though as a librarian, I might be slightly biased.) But I love the windows it woodwork? stonework?...along the ceiling.

Also, more Beast hands/paws! I'm wondering how long it's taken him to learn how to turn those pages. (Or maybe they're an accommodatingly durable vellum/parchment versus the more fragile paper. :D)
MsMegan 9th Mar 2:16 AM, 2013
In my brain the library is mostly done in wood, and probably has a wonderful booky-wood-polishy-y-smokey smelI. (The print edition should come with scratch and sniff think he probably gets his pages a little crumply, despite his best efforts. He's not doing too badly here, though...
Kim M 9th Mar 2:19 PM, 2013
A booky-wood-polishy-smokey smell sounds just about perfect. And I was hoping it was wood...not that stonework isn't lovely, too, but I was imagining something warm and venerable like the picture gallery in Kilkenny Castle (though maybe not with the ceiling paintings), and that's all wood. :)
MsMegan 10th Mar 11:21 PM, 2013
I've never been to kilkenny castle, but I'm putting it on my list!
Lostariel 8th Mar 5:07 PM, 2013
Fireplace/arm chair/library Beast? Oh, yes please.
MsMegan 9th Mar 2:19 AM, 2013
I know right? ^__^;;
YoungMissDaaé 11th Mar 4:14 PM, 2013
I love this! I wait in anticipation for what may happen. You always leave your readers on a cliffhanger, which makes the comic even more intreaging. What I would quite like to know is what was the "less pleasant" option to beauty's arrival. What else could fulfill the obligation?
MsMegan 11th Mar 5:10 PM, 2013
I'm so glad! I do try and keep things sort of cliff-hangery, since my update schedule means I have to drag things out soooo slowly. I promise that the "less pleasant" option WILL be revealed, but it wont be for a little while yet!
RosesnwWater 12th Mar 6:52 PM, 2013
*_____* Panna a Nevor is your favourite........? I LOVED THAT ONE XDXDXD it was fantastic, from the story to the dialogue, once it was translated mind you, to the relationship between beast and beauty and the castle and the sotry of netvor, oh I just love the actor who portrayed him, even though he was in a cloak his walking and over all look was so magnificent, it's so underrated considering how wonderful it is XD also... nice chapter it's very eerily quiet in this one I find, again, I love how you did his hands, their very elegant yet beastly of course XD
MsMegan 12th Mar 8:30 PM, 2013
I KNOW RIGHT? The actor is Vlastimil Harapes. He is the ONLY actor to portray a prince in a beauty and the beast adaptation that I've ever found attractive. He's a dancer, of course... and a dreamboat. *swoon*
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 2:50 PM, 2013
Alright, while I'm afraid I cannot join the discussions of the different versions of the tale below, I can still comment on this page. We see that we're in a library - possibly a small one, I can't really tell - and again we see the rose windows. I wonder if those only show up in the glass and tile-work. Also, the Beast is reading very carefully. Nice.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:06 PM, 2013
Although Beast in the light seems far less than frightening, his silhouette does have a rather demonic look to it.