Act one, Chapter Three: 28

12th Mar 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 28
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 11th Mar 5:26 PM, 2013
Hi Everyone! I'm super excited to announce that we have a brand new store! No more hideous Zazzle! ! If you click on the "shop" button at the top of the page, it will now take you to our bigcartel shop. Currently, there are posters and pin sets available, but I would love to hear ideas of other merchandise that you Dear Readers would like to see! <3


a Drop of Beauty 12th Mar 12:35 AM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Daw :3 cuteness in 5 out of six panels, think that's a new batb record ;)
Seriously though, great work as always; loving the dialog and can't wait to see what happens next :]
MsMegan 12th Mar 8:31 PM, 2013
it turns out I'm genetically programmed for cute or something...It's very hard not to let The Beast turn into some kind of wobbly eyed furry thing.
sheshallnotbenameless 12th Mar 1:46 AM, 2013
Not gonna lie, I kept refreshing until the latest page came out, haha!

I wonder at the dialogue in this. The Beast says he didn't want Beauty walking "unaccompanied after dark", but who is there to accompany her? Does this mean the Beast wants to make sure he's with her? Or is it merely that she startled him since the night is more "his time" hence the "peace of mind" comment? Or maybe I'm simply from the land of tumblr, where every line of dialogue is dissected to a ridiculous degree. Either way, excellent page!
Lostariel 12th Mar 11:42 AM, 2013
@sheshallnotbenameless Well, he's using "his time" to read. (Beast after my own heart.) But maybe he doesn't like to be startled. Hmm...
disnemma 12th Mar 4:12 PM, 2013
Finally, the 'good part'! I've been waiting for them to interact since I first realized that Beauty was having a nightmare!

That third panel is just so darn adorable!
MsMegan 12th Mar 4:18 PM, 2013
Me too! ^^;
Dyl 12th Mar 6:56 PM, 2013
...the readers want comics! (in book format)
Tevokkia 12th Mar 8:39 PM, 2013
I really love his face in panel 2. <3
Christina Sulham 12th Mar 8:47 PM, 2013
Christina Sulham
He's both awkwardly and adorably protective <3 How precious! =)
cattservant 12th Mar 11:00 PM, 2013
At least he wasn't doing anything beastly...
MsMegan 13th Mar 12:55 AM, 2013
Oh. you know me. All about stringing out the tension.
cattservant 13th Mar 1:15 AM, 2013
Sort of like feeling through a bag of yarn trying to find a needle, I'd say!
AbigailBrooks 13th Mar 2:19 PM, 2013
Well d@#$, I'm late to the party! So this is entire page is pretty adorable. Also, I know the Beast is supposed to look frightening, but as usual, I just want to cuddle him. Sadly, that is not my job. ANYWAY, it's interesting that he doesn't want her to be walking around alone after dark alone. Nothing can harm her here, of course (then the contract might be broken and that wouldn't be good), but his response is still curious. I'm pretty sure there is that dog somewhere on the grounds, which could have accompany her if need be (if the Beast, for some reason, would pass on the opportunity to accompany her himself). However, perhaps there's also something - or someone - of even greater power here. Something/someone has to be enchanting the castle and the Beast, after all. And we've already seen Elise's ghost, so something/someone otherworldly could be around here somewhere - and it might only come out at night. It could be that the Beast doesn't want her to accidentally encounter it until she's ready to face it, hence his concern.

Then again, maybe the Beast just doesn't want her to run into something and fall on her face. Embarrassing and bruising accidents like that do happen. She also might get completely lost in the dark, so there's also that. Either way, he wants to make sure she doesn't get into any kind of trouble (well, more than she's already in), which is rather sweet of him.

Here's looking forward to Friday's update!


MsMegan 14th Mar 10:37 AM, 2013
I've more or less left off hiding him in the dark now. I had kind of wanted to keep it up a bit longer but, ehhh. We've all seen him, aint no big surprises left (OR ARE THERE?!). The Beast would indeed like to keep Beauty from meeting something in the dark. He would also prefer if she did not run into something and fall on her face. He's got clumsy hands and couldn't guarantee how well the stitches would turn out.
Kim M 22nd Mar 4:33 PM, 2013
The Beast seems very approachable here. Maybe it's that he's in the library and books make everyone warmer and more welcoming...or maybe it's something about his eyes. But the subtle sense of distance, professionalism?...that characterized his interactions with Beauty seems to have lessened a little. I'm inclined to love your Beast just on principle, but this page has me thinking that were I Beauty, this is the moment where I'd start to find a friendship of sorts in my strange host.
MsMegan 22nd Mar 8:38 PM, 2013
Kim M, you just cut to the heart of what I was trying to do with him. So far, he really HAS just been a cautious host.. a polite concierge at a really disturbing hotel... Very soon it'll be time to meet him as a person. I don't think I'm giving too much away if I say this is where the thaw begins. *grin*
Kim M 23rd Mar 2:35 PM, 2013
Oooh. I can't wait....
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 2:55 PM, 2013
I just love his surprised expression. "You never come out of your room at night willingly! You probably think I prowl the halls at night." Okay, not really, but he's definitely surprised. And as I said in my first comment, nothing might harm you here, Beauty...but you still might not like what you stumble onto. Plus, you could trip down the stairs and THEN where would we be? The Beast is being a considerate host, at least, so I'm very pleased about that.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:09 PM, 2013
I did a quick run-through of the comments here, and found that everyone, including myself back in March, said what I wished to say here. And excellent point in Beast being more approachable!
nathyfaith 15th Feb 1:43 PM, 2016