Act one, Chapter Three: 29

15th Mar 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 29
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Mar 9:09 PM, 2013
Dearest Readers! I just totalled the funds from $5 sketch week, and it was almost $350.00 --thank you SO MUCH. The Young Man has been unable to find a new position so far (though he's sent in applications to studios in three countries), and while I don't have any new long-term contracts, I've enjoyed the influx of commission work. You've been a huge help to us -- because of you, I was able to make my monthly student loan payment and buy groceries. THANK YOU. For any of you who missed sketch week, I'm thinking about making it a regular thing, and I'm going to look into doing commissions properly in the future. In the meantime, posters and pins are available in the shop!


cattservant 15th Mar 12:16 AM, 2013
Reaching out of the stormy darkness,
The sea changes...
sheshallnotbenameless 15th Mar 12:19 AM, 2013
Congratulations on the funds! I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate as I was intending, but I do intend to nab a poster at your store when I'm able to figure out PayPal.

As for this chapter, I love the dimensions and architecture in this page. It's just lovely. Bravo. Also, Beauty is so wonderful. She's clearly lonely, yet she hasn't broken down sobbing as I imagine many girls would. I can imagine her speaking quietly, maybe shyly or desolately, but there's also an inner strength in her. I just adore her character! Never mind. I just adore this comic in general.
Brooke Colley 15th Mar 12:37 AM, 2013
Glad to hear the sketches went well and you were able to get your bills paid.

Can't wait to get the poster and pins I ordered. I jumped as soon as I saw the store was open ^_^
MsMegan 15th Mar 10:58 AM, 2013
I'm gonna ship 'em ASAP! I hope you like them!
Lostariel 15th Mar 12:04 PM, 2013
His paws! His silhouette in the chair! Having an artgasm over here, don't mind me.
I also like their dialogue, but since we're getting it a very little bit at a time, I'll want to comment on the scene as a whole later.
YoungMissDaaƩ 15th Mar 1:00 PM, 2013
Awww! That last panel! It really shows them finally starting to bond a little more. And the book, foreshadowing perhaps?
Love it!!
Rosebook2000 17th Mar 6:51 PM, 2013
I agree with YoungMissDaee. The title of the book that the beast is reading if "The Illiad".
Jardenon 17th Mar 7:54 PM, 2013
This is turning out really good :)
Abigail Brooks 19th Mar 11:53 AM, 2013
So I love this page. The foreshadowing with "The Illiad," the heavy shadows to indicate the mood, the Beast's gentlemanly demeanor, and Beauty confessing that she doesn't want to be alone. The Beast, of course, likely knows that feeling very well - he's probably been (nearly) alone and certainly lonely for at least ten years now. This will definitely strike a chord with him. And the silhouette of the Beast in this one is great.
Kim M 22nd Mar 4:45 PM, 2013
Oh, this library. And the play of firelight and shadow. And the silhouette of the Beast. (His tail!) I love this.

(And please feel free to ignore this if you wish, but I thought I should at least let you know: The Iliad is spelled with only one "l," not two...unless you're tossing in an allusion to the artist/writer of the webcomic User Friendly. Or the Interlibrary Loan software ILLiad...which would be quite fitting, considering their setting. ;D)

And I'm so glad your sketch week turned out so well!
MsMegan 22nd Mar 8:40 PM, 2013
Dang, girl! I typo'd! That'll be changed in future editions.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 3:00 PM, 2013
"You didn't want to be wait, you came and found me? OH HAPPY DAY! Er, night, I meant night. Because it's dark outside. Yes." But yes, this is kind of a sweet, but also kind of a sad page. Both of them are probably so lonely, so I like that they can find some comfort in being near one another, even if their relationship HAS had a shaky start. The page definitely gives a sense of the space around them and how very alone they are in it. The inclusion of "The Iliad" is also a nice touch.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:11 PM, 2013
Now that my imagination is on hyperdrive after the last page, I keep thinking that maybe, the bottom panel being shown through the perspective of being on the balcony is actually an indication that someone is watching them? Probably a stretch, but now I wonder. There's so much delicious mystery here!
Anor-Roc Wildheart 30th Dec 11:35 PM, 2016
"I just didn't want to be alone."

Oh, man, right through the heart. <3
Michael 23rd Apr 9:58 PM, 2017
Looks like the demons in the head are worse than the demon behind the diner table.