Act one, Chapter Three: 31

21st Mar 8:15 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 31
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st Mar 2:41 PM, 2013

Hey everyone! I'm in Rochester, Minnesota! I'm going to be drawing and selling prints at Fabletown and Beyond's Artist's Boulevard for the next three days, as well as doing a Q&A with some other fantastic artists on sunday morning at 10 AM.

Seriously, get your butts over here.


Vivocateur 21st Mar 8:24 PM, 2013
Nice save.
He totaly bought it.
MsMegan 21st Mar 8:30 PM, 2013
cattservant 21st Mar 9:17 PM, 2013
Some dissemble(y) required.
She didn't answer his question either...
ljghkjk 22nd Mar 2:04 AM, 2013
Haha I love that he calls her bluff by turning the lights up and making it easier for her to see him. Something that will undoubtedly make her nervous as well.
Guest 22nd Mar 10:46 AM, 2013
Smooth, Beauty.
I really love the panel of the Beast leaning on the arm of his chair.
Lostariel 22nd Mar 10:46 AM, 2013
^Oh, that was me.
Tevokkia 22nd Mar 2:24 PM, 2013
I saw it more as his just rolling with it to be kind. He IS trying to get on her good side, after all.
YoungMissDaaƩ 22nd Mar 4:41 PM, 2013
Ooh, beast is a bit of a smartass, but he is being sweet. He wants to befriend her, not intimidate her. Nice touch. :)
Kim M 22nd Mar 4:57 PM, 2013
If only I still lived in Chicago...I would so be visiting you in Rochester. Alas. (But if you're ever in range of Texas, man...I. Am. There. ::nods::)

And can I say how swoon-worthy the Beast is in that last panel? His eyes. And the casual elegance of his posture. And his hands/paws. And the fire going "fwoosh," as if to say, "Let me just show you how beastly handsome the Beast can be." Very nice.
Dyl 23rd Mar 5:00 AM, 2013
I can never get enough "fwoosh"
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 3:38 PM, 2013
I think I might have just caught up on the pages I haven't commented on yet. Wow am I behind on that. As for this page...smooth, Beauty. Very smooth. The Beast sees right through you, teases you in return, and turns the fire up. Ah, and we get a bit of information about his eyesight - I believe you mentioned he tends to see in cooler colors on your Tumblr, I think. I love how she blushes and his relaxed pose in the bottom panel - so cute. Anyway, on to the next page.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:15 PM, 2013
I can't help but think that he might be picking on her a little. Not in a mean-spirited way, but by increasing the light, he reveals himself in a way he hadn't done since the first night they dined together. I wonder if it's a bit of a challenge, like he's saying, "You don't want to be alone? Neither do I. But stay now, I dare you."
MsMegan 26th Aug 11:55 AM, 2013
I just love your analysis of these pages! I'd love to redraw so much of it and pump up the atmosphere.
nathyfaith 15th Feb 2:39 PM, 2016
He is so smooth! I adored the way he leans over the armchair.