Act one, Chapter Three: 36

9th Apr 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 36
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cattservant 9th Apr 12:15 AM, 2013
Learning in the night...
ranger_brianna_new 9th Apr 1:26 AM, 2013
It's true! Most men are idiots. :P
Michael 23rd Apr 10:17 PM, 2017
That depends what area you Focus on. Men are in average worse in catching hints and Group or family related things. More focused on technical things.
For me, I only catch a hint when it bites me in the back.
That doesnt make me stupid. For Money making it is good enough, though.
YoungMissDaae 9th Apr 3:24 AM, 2013
He laughed! He has such a cute face when he laughs!
disnemma 9th Apr 7:27 PM, 2013
Yes!! They're talking! And understanding one another! Eeep!!
dylanio21 10th Apr 7:36 PM, 2013
Good little moment
Kim M 13th Apr 4:38 PM, 2013
Beauty's brief sense of alarm makes me wish I could hear the Beast's laughter. Does it sound more like roaring than laughing?

And reading that about Beauty's upbringing and sisters makes me curious about Temperance and Virtue. They seem rounder, more real, even though they're not in the library to participate in this conversation.
MsMegan 13th Apr 5:39 PM, 2013
In my head, I imagine his laugh is a bit staccato, like a dog's bark... She might be reacting to the nature of his laugh, or she might just be reacting to the fact that he's laughing at all --your choice!
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 4:29 PM, 2013
You know, there are a few things here to comment on. The first is the "these days" part of the Beast's question. This seems to imply that he's been away from society for quite some time - possibly longer than Beauty has been alive (he was, after all, already a Beast when she was a child). This begs the question of if his aging is being halted somehow...I mean, we have no way of guaging how old he is, but it could be that he won't age as long as he's cursed. I suppose we'll find out more about that in due time.

Then there is how Beauty opens up to him here about her past (I love her expression!). Kudos to her father for making sure all of his daughters had an education! And the Beast laughs at her comment about the young men - oh, I like it! I personally think she's more reacting to that fact that he's laughing, rather than the sound, but it was probably surprising for both reasons.

Ah...and here is an interesting thing. The Beast already knew her name, but not how many sisters she had nor what their names were. That's a bit...suspicious. If he got her name from her father, then it seems as if he would have learned about her sisters...but he didn't. I'm claiming it's magic until further notice.

The fact that he's asking after her parents is a little strange to me, especially because I'm theorizing that Elise and he knew each other somehow, but...well, maybe he just wants more information on what became of them? I'm not sure. I don't think he could have entered the family's previous home without some sort of connection. Then again, he's magic, so he could have been an emissary of the fae, and doesn't have to bother with triffles like doors. I guess we'll see!
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:56 PM, 2013
"These days"? Beast, how long have you been cooped up here??
MsMegan 26th Aug 11:57 AM, 2013
...A valid question.
nathyfaith 15th Feb 2:45 PM, 2016
Oh. he is so cute. This is to silly, I guess I just tend to see him as a big dog :P