Act one, Chapter Four: 01

16th Apr 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 01
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cattservant 16th Apr 12:43 AM, 2013
Snowdrop: Hope, Consolation
Periwinkle: Early Recollections, Pleasures of Memories, Sweet Memories
Bindweed: [Morning Glory](?) Affection
dylanio21 16th Apr 2:09 AM, 2013
Can't wait to see all this in print!
Kim M 16th Apr 3:27 PM, 2013
I also found:
Snowdrop - Friendship in trouble; Faithful in adversity; Expectancy
Periwinkle (blue) - Early friendship
Periwinkle (white) - Harmony
Bindweed (great) - Inspiration
Bindweed (small) - Humility

Snowdrop seems a little confused, but I'm hopeful that we'll see some growing friendship between Beauty and the Beast...and maybe some hints about both of their pasts.

(Also, blue Vinca is probably my favorite flower. So happy to see it here....)
skdfjkshdfk 16th Apr 6:42 PM, 2013
is there any significance to the word "argus"? I noticed it's been on all the chapter beginnings so far.
cattservant 17th Apr 10:15 AM, 2013
I believe our esteemed Artauthorist said Argus was the creator of the flower art.
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 5:01 PM, 2013
Well, from what cattservant and Kim T found, and the direction this seems to be going, I'm guessing that this chapter will be about the beginnings of their friendship - I hope so, at least. To the next page!
Deer_dearest 25th May 6:19 AM, 2018
Sweet lord my grade 5 obsession is in a comic. When does this come out in print?! I was so excited that I had to go back to my books and remember what bindweed was. I remembered snowdrop as Consolation or Hope depending on who was giving it or the color of the flower.
Thank you for my pure joy... it only took 4 chapters to have the epifani.
MsMegan 25th May 11:29 AM, 2018
Why, thank you so much, Deer Dearest!
The first two volumes are available HERE with the third projected to come out next year!