Act one, Chapter Four: 02

19th Apr 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 02
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sheshallnotbenameless 19th Apr 12:03 AM, 2013
In my Beauty and the Beast novel adaptation, I swear the village looked just like that in my head. This is beautiful. And little Beauty! She's so cute! I can't wait to see what this chapter brings!
cattservant 19th Apr 12:22 AM, 2013
A fluid line
Back into time...

A tale so fine
And fancy free!
YoungMissDaae 19th Apr 1:40 PM, 2013
aw, bless! Beauty is too cute! In that last panel, has she walked into someone? Somehow related to Beast, me thinks...
Stitchlingbelle 19th Apr 1:53 PM, 2013
I third the Baby!Beauty squees. And I love her outfit. (What color is it?)
MsMegan 19th Apr 2:43 PM, 2013
The skirt is a probably beige homespun, and I think the bodice is a russet red (probably courtesy of Virtue and some recycled curtains from their old home).
Kim M 20th Apr 4:47 PM, 2013
There is so much detail in this page---the streets, the animals, the houses, the food...the wee kidlet getting dragged by his mum. It's making me want to go to the local Ren Faire, actually. (Where I would doubtless end up corralling my sister's kidlets.)

And would those books be the ones her family had to sell? Or just enticing wares?
dylanio21 23rd Apr 2:04 PM, 2013
That's awesome!
AbigailBrooks 29th Jul 5:28 PM, 2013
Alright, so we start this chapter off with another flashback, presumably of when Beauty and her family first arrived in their new home. Beauty is exploring and picking up food, becomes intrigued by the book, nudged by someone. I already know who, but I won't spoil it here. There's a lot of nice detail in the town, in any case.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:03 PM, 2013
Beauty's dress here reminds me a little of what she wore early in Chapter Three.