Act one, Chapter Four: 26

12th Jul 12:00 AM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Four
Act one, Chapter Four: 26
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Stitchlingbelle 12th Jul 12:53 AM, 2013
Raised eyebrow ftw!

And I love the shadows on the Beast in that top panel.
RosesnWater 12th Jul 2:11 AM, 2013
Beauty is very... beautiful in that second panel ^^'
I love the little bits of humour every now and then, I can imagine that it's pretty easy to become lost in such a large garden
texan1972 12th Jul 3:19 AM, 2013
Is the castle playing games with beast. this keeps getting interesting and weird.
Lavadiamond 12th Jul 4:42 PM, 2013
Somebody is getting suspicious!!!!
cattservant 13th Jul 4:25 AM, 2013
Magical gardens are known to be 'shifty', besides there is something different...
a Drop of Beauty 13th Jul 11:41 AM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Aw, poor guy looks so depressed
Kim M 13th Jul 2:49 PM, 2013
Perhaps the garden knew the conversation was getting a little too serious? Or maybe taking Beauty to the roses is just a Very Bad Idea?

(Also, I know the Beast's teeth are sharp and fearsome---as all proper Beasts' teeth must be---but they look snaggly and cute here, which is making me want to hug him.)
MsMegan 14th Jul 1:10 PM, 2013
I juts naturally incline towards the cuddly rather than the fearsome. It's a problem!
Kim M 16th Jul 2:54 AM, 2013
Naaaah. There is absolutely no problem in making me want to hug your Beast. :)
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 3:05 PM, 2013
He looks so sad in that first panel! Poor Beast - you don't want to be disappointing or upsetting her, but alas, your tied. I do enjoy her raised eyebrow at that. And it looks like they've been led back to the fountain - what a tricky realm this is! This confirms what Beauty suggested about the palace: that things move around, or that the residents get led around, as the magic here wills it. I expect a map would be utterly useless here.
nathyfaith 16th Feb 8:39 AM, 2016
I'm seriously so sorry for Beast all the time. I know wonder if he like Beauty wasn't a 'guest' as well and did something the castle didn't approve and so is now 'trapped' like herself. So many questions...