13th Jul 11:25 AM, 2013
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Jul 11:25 AM, 2013
Thanks for 300 tumblr followers and 300-ish regular readers! Seeing your comments and conversations makes this really fun and worthwhile! I hope you'll hang around and see where things go for Beauty and The Beast.


cattservant 13th Jul 1:24 PM, 2013
Quality will be recognized!
Kim M 13th Jul 2:43 PM, 2013
Oh, gorgeous. And congrats on the 300 followers!!
LESimmons 13th Jul 10:24 PM, 2013
Congratulations! :D Your comic is a real gem!
YoungMissDaae 14th Jul 10:44 AM, 2013
WOW THIS IS AMAZING! so exquisite!
Nattygan 14th Jul 9:31 PM, 2013
I have been following this comic for a while now and I have never commented before. But, I want you to know how much I have enjoyed every page of it! The art is gorgeous and the story is magical and enticing! I can't wait for more!
MsMegan 15th Jul 10:30 PM, 2013
Ah, thank you so much!! And yay for first time commenters!
Stitchlingbelle 14th Jul 10:16 PM, 2013
Omg love.
dylanio21 15th Jul 3:39 AM, 2013
Really great stuff you've got, soon it'll be 3000!
Hallan 15th Jul 7:55 AM, 2013
Oh good Lord, do I want a cape like that! :)
YoungMissDaae 15th Jul 12:26 PM, 2013
I call shotgun on the dress :)
MsMegan 15th Jul 10:29 PM, 2013
Watch it, you two! you're gonna leave the poor kids in their skivvies at this rate! Unless that was what you were going for...
YoungMissDaae 16th Jul 5:00 PM, 2013
Noooo! I'm just saying I'm looking for a prom dress! And how beautifully drawn it is! We haven't gotten too far into the whole shipping business...yet
Miranda 21st Jul 8:59 PM, 2013
I don't comment normally but I just wanted you to know how much I adore this comic and how much I look forward to reading this every week. You are very talented and you are keeping me on my toes with every panel. AND I WANT THE PICTURE OF BEAUTY FALLING INTO BEAST! SO BEAUTIFUL!
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 3:12 PM, 2013
Five more reviews to go and then I'm all caught up! This is very, very pretty. I think their colors differ here from the norm? From what the poster would suggest, the Beast normally wears red and...I think Beauty would tend to wear more blue? Or perhaps I am mistaken about that. In any case, she looks quite striking in red - and again, we have those little white bird wings! SOMEDAY THOSE WILL REVEAL THEIR SECRETS TO ME. Anyway, the Beast has this gorgeous blue, patterned cloak. I approve, though I suspect he looks just as dashing in red and black. Not sure why they are falling (in love? Bwahahaha), but maybe it relates to her having to rescue him somehow. Or this could just be a dramatic image you came up with to commemorate getting 300 followers, XD. Anyway, on to the final stretch!
MsMegan 31st Jul 4:18 PM, 2013
I'm going to miss all these nice comment updates!!
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 4:54 PM, 2013
Well I hope the timely comments I'll be leaving for each update will make up for that, ;).
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 1:36 PM, 2013
That billowing gown...I want it...
MsMegan 26th Aug 12:30 PM, 2013
If we ever had a nerdy fairy tale convention, I think floor-sweeping gowns would be required for entry...and we'd have it in a castle.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 31st Dec 4:22 AM, 2016
Would male attendees also be required to wear such gowns?

Not that I'm vehemently opposed to the notion, but it would take quite a bit of work to make one fit properly over my fat gut. XD
Trance 30th Sep 3:28 AM, 2016
This is so beautiful in it's curiosity.