Act One, Chapter One: 05

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 05
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AbigailBrooks 26th Jul 6:47 PM, 2013
The horse with the white socks reminds me of Phillipe. I wonder if that's a subtle nod to the Disney film right there. Also, your father was wandering around in a blizzard and is half-frozen to death. Good thing your brother-in-law went to his rescue. Anyway, get back inside, you crazy people. You should not be out walking in snowstorms at night. You just shouldn't.
MsMegan 26th Jul 8:56 PM, 2013
The horse with the white socks is their mare, Sweet!
sheshallnotbenameless 19th Aug 9:56 PM, 2013
I love how sweet Beauty seems here. She's not panicking too much. She's levelheaded, deeply concerned, but not an emotional wreck. Perhaps it also shows some naivety on her part? Not in a bad way, of course. But if I recall correctly, there's a page where Temperance tells her to say something to Papa, and Beauty says the one thing Temperance wished she wouldn't. While Temperance and Virtue may worry about other things that seem more rational to them, Beauty sees things in a simpler fashion, perhaps: In this page, "Papa's ill but alive. I must get things done instead of falling to pieces." In that page, "There's a problem here. I must find out all I can. And then I will try to solve it."

I may be totally botching up these analyses. Maybe they only make sense in my head. I'm sorry if I'm unclear or completely misinterpreting your work!
MsMegan 19th Aug 10:34 PM, 2013
There is no such thing as a wrong analysis! I love hearing people's interpretations because they show me where I'm communicating well, and where I'm failing to come across. It's absolutely invaluable! I'm indebted to everyone who reads and comments, but especially to folks like you and Abigail, who take the time to really peel it apart and help me grow. Thank you so much! <3
candybeads 11th Jan 8:58 PM, 2017
The whipping hair and manes perfectly capture the chaos of this page. I'd add a few more shadows to echo that it is night time if you ever redid the page. The differentiation of zoom level introduced here fits well.