Act two, Chapter one: 008

2nd Dec 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act two, Chapter one: 008
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Dec 11:00 PM, 2013
Fun story. The first time my now-husband told me he loved me I pretended I didn't hear him. I just wasn't sure and didn't want to lie!


Lostariel 3rd Dec 12:08 AM, 2013
what is going ooonnnnnn
cattservant 3rd Dec 2:41 AM, 2013
Love is Complexly Simple
And slow to achieve Balance...
samoaphoenix 3rd Dec 9:41 AM, 2013
The juxtaposition of these two images is both breathtaking and creepy. I've been lurking for months but I had to comment on this one.
Hallan 3rd Dec 12:17 PM, 2013
Memories of the past, dinner for the present.
cattservant 3rd Dec 3:40 PM, 2013
A mobile feast?
SomeNerd 3rd Dec 4:17 PM, 2013
I bet hunting is cathartic for him. He works so hard to be cool and collected around Beauty, so I imagine this is how he cuts loose, blows off some energy, and lets his mind wander (hence the flashbacks).

Also, I would guess that this scene (the beast portion of it) is leading into where we left Beauty at the end of Act 1: in the main hall, fleeing from the blood-drenched beast and his kill.
Valtinen 3rd Dec 7:03 PM, 2013
I've always held that while the traditional versions (and subsequent versions that follow suit) seem to imply that "hunting like an animal" is yet another terrible piece to the curse, part of him would probably enjoy it, delight in it even because it offers a pure unadulterated moment of just *being*. And, if we think about 1978 GCScott version, while it may be a little more personal, there's definitely the indication that it is more humane (and, as expertly shown here, similar to other natural needs...).

(And Megan, thanks for the reblog yesterday on the makeup! Not my finest, but I did have a moment of smugness after I saw. ;D )
Laevateinn 5th Dec 5:17 AM, 2013
Were you that one Beast called Selyago? Because that post was really cool!

Back on topic: Oh? Are my Panna a Netvor senses going off the charts? I think so! I see that our Beast has experienced love and lust once before and I LOVE how the "beastliness" varies from both panels!
RosesnWater 3rd Dec 10:23 PM, 2013
yay symbolism is not lost on me ^^
Kim M 14th Dec 1:54 PM, 2013
Ooh, such interesting potential in the juxtaposition of those two scenes. Is that the same woman as on the previous page? (Curled hair vs. straight, but that might be pre- and post-liaison hair, I suppose.)

And do these memories (and I'm assuming they're memories) naturally arise when the Beast hunts or does he provoke them to fuel his more animal nature? Very cool....
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 4:05 PM, 2014
Yay! Another suggestive panel! Ahem, but anyway, the prince claims to love his paramour, though it seems she might not feel the same way. Is this the same woman we saw in the previous page? I'm inclined to say so, despite the lack of curls in her hair. Maybe she was wearing a wig or just had her hair styled that way. In any case, the post-coital moment makes a great contrast to the Beast killing his prey. It's that nice juxtaposition between sex and violence. We have to wonder if hunting makes him feel the same unadulterated pleasure as sex, and if that's why he's remembering this woman now, or if there's another reason for his reminiscence....
TolkienOverTwilight 20th Jan 7:55 PM, 2014
This is one of my favorite pages. It thickens the mystery of the Beast and who he is. That is, assuming I am correct in my assumption that this phantom man (previous pages a boy) is the Beast.

I also theorize that the mirror between the "I Love You" panel and the killing of the dear is perhaps reversed, the Beast perhaps felt like the deer when the woman rejects his "I Love You."

It could also be that the Beast is thinking about that moment while killing the deer. If it was me, I would have left the "heartbroken" stage of rejection and entered the "Pissed off" stage. That anger could fuel his rage in the last panel.

My my, I blather a lot, don;t I? :)