Christmas Pinup

25th Dec 11:16 AM, 2013
Christmas Pinup
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Dec 11:16 AM, 2013
Progress!! I didn't shoot this year's pic on a camera phone in an airport! I hope you are all enjoying a hot drink and a stress-free day. Love to you all.


Teslaverian 25th Dec 11:21 AM, 2013
This is gorgeous!
cattservant 25th Dec 3:14 PM, 2013
Music in vision!
Guest 25th Dec 9:59 PM, 2013
Pretty. (And the music sheets smells like foreshadowing.)
The Doodler 26th Dec 3:28 AM, 2013
The Doodler
Is there a music-reader in the house? If so, is that a real song?

Also, lovely!
zippi_bird 26th Dec 3:30 AM, 2013
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 4:47 PM, 2014
Absolutely gorgeous picture! Someday, when you release a book of this, you might want to consider putting the pin-ups in the back, ;). Gosh, the roses and the sleeping Beast are lovely, but what really gets me about this picture is Beauty! She has brown eyes! (I don't know if that's been as obvious before?) She's writing music! SHE'S WEARING THE GREEN DRESS YOU'VE ALWAYS IMAGINED HER IN! FINALLY WE SEE IT! All in all, this is just so dynamic and lovely to look at. Thanks for sharing!