Act Two, chapter one: 15

26th Dec 11:00 PM, 2013 in Act Two: Chapter One
Act Two, chapter one: 15
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Rosengeist 27th Dec 12:21 AM, 2013
Beastie feet and a beastie tail! Glee! It's cute!
Guest 27th Dec 12:21 AM, 2013
Guess who's not coming to dinner?
cattservant 27th Dec 12:42 AM, 2013
Routine is not returned,
New trust must be confirmed.
Lavadiamond 27th Dec 3:21 AM, 2013
Making a wild guess; I think the Beast is going to try and apologize to Beauty. At least I hope so.
Hallan 27th Dec 11:54 AM, 2013
Or bring her dinner... as long as it's not venison.
cattservant 27th Dec 1:34 PM, 2013
Oh deer!
a Drop of Beauty 27th Dec 8:09 PM, 2013
a Drop of Beauty
Oh, that's punny ;D
MsMegan 27th Dec 9:19 PM, 2013
Maybe he's scared she'll hoof it?
Stitchlingbelle 28th Dec 1:45 AM, 2013
I'm not exactly worried that she's on the lamb.
FireStorm51 28th Dec 1:46 AM, 2013
I wonder if there would be magical repercussion(s) for her if she ran out the castle doe.
MsMegan 28th Dec 8:17 AM, 2013
Someone would have to pay deerly.
RosesnWater 28th Dec 12:00 PM, 2013
I hate those things you know have to get done but you can't find th words -__- not my thing but great picture of the castle outside
Kim M 28th Dec 5:54 PM, 2013
Um...I know this is probably not what the next page will reveal, but the combination of the last panel and the panel with the curtains has left me imagining that the Beast is hiding in the drapery. Which doesn't seem such a bad idea, considering.... ;)
MsMegan 28th Dec 6:14 PM, 2013
XD Ok, here's a preview of the next page.
rufiangel 30th Dec 9:08 AM, 2013
Kim M 2nd Jan 11:40 AM, 2014
::snickers:: Perfect! :D
Cathy M 30th Dec 7:48 AM, 2013
I'm happy where back to the storyline,
The suspense is nerve racking .
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 4:50 PM, 2014
Ahhh, and so the plot resumes! Someone appears to be late for dinner! Is the Beast waiting for Beauty to come out or is she waiting for him to come in? We shall see! Also, still loving his tail.
nathyfaith 17th Feb 10:08 AM, 2016
Oh, poor Beast, waiting for Beauty to come down for dinner.