Act Two, Chapter Two: 024

17th Jun 5:24 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, Chapter Two: 024
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Jun 5:24 PM, 2014
The Beast castles


Xen Silver Quill 17th Jun 5:46 PM, 2014
Oh my goodness, Beast's expression in the top panel! He's just so genuinely surprised and sweet. :3
Aroara Nightshade 17th Jun 9:38 PM, 2014
I like the second panal, how his head is slightly tilted like a curious puppy!
cattservant 17th Jun 7:34 PM, 2014
An only Beast.
A lonely Beast.
For him
Beauty's presence
is a feast!
Aroara Nightshade 17th Jun 9:37 PM, 2014
Ohhhhh!!!! Im sencing a little background from Beast!
Kristen seraph 18th Jun 12:40 AM, 2014
The beast face at the start was absolutely...positively...priceless!!!
Paula Richey 18th Jun 11:00 AM, 2014
He couldn't speak for her passionate prose since she doesn't seem to have written any, and he won't speak for her ability to make people fall in love with her... so before he gets there, he changes the topic slightly ;)
Meta Ray 18th Jun 4:33 PM, 2014
So far this is a very good comic! I think sound effects were used a little bit too much in the first couple of chapters but it seems you have corrected that. Wonderful, romantic, well written, there's really almost nothing bad I can say about it!
MsMegan 18th Jun 10:10 PM, 2014
Thanks, Meta Ray! I made a lot of edits for the print edition, and I'm thinking I might "update" those original pages soon.
cattservant 19th Jun 3:02 AM, 2014
I like sound effects. They 'speak'!
SRHiggins 19th Jun 9:47 AM, 2014
Stitchlingbelle 19th Jun 9:28 PM, 2014
It's so interesting to see which topics drive the two of them to full paragraphs. =)
Kim M 11th Jul 5:07 PM, 2014
That head tilt with those words...I can almost hear the rustle of his clothes and the tone of his voice as he speaks. You have such a talent for evoking sensory detail (in my mind, anyway) with the smallest, subtlest touches.
AbigailBrooks 21st Apr 8:36 PM, 2015
The Beast is right, here - Beauty has been very gracious, considering the situation. I daresay a bit of his crush - or perhaps his idealization of Beauty - is coming through with how he compliments her, too. To be fair, they do seem to find each other's company enjoyable, so what he says is no less than the truth, but the words ring so sincere that I think they reveal his genuine fondness for Beauty.

Beauty's response to him is very humble - and perhaps also a little true, since the Beast doesn't get much company - but the humility is just as painful, because she's dismissing her own value again. The Beast is right in that she compares herself to others too much - it's almost impossible to be happy with yourself when you do that. However, given how young Beauty is, I can understand why she has that mindset; even adults struggle to overcome it.

Now when the Beast discusses finding comfort in one's role - and in having others know it - is he speaking of what he experienced in his past as a human, or is he speaking about his role as a servant to whoever holds his contract? Him discussing not having siblings right after that makes me lean towards him talking about his human past in this instance. The question is, was his role that of a prince or something else...?
lechuga 22nd Jul 1:11 AM, 2015
I've totally had this conversation with an only child before. . .