Act Two, Chapter Three: 40

4th Dec 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 40
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th Dec 11:00 PM, 2014
Nightshade, Adonis, Solomon's Seal


Mistress Dizzy 5th Dec 1:39 AM, 2014
...I think she just accidentally triggered something...
metaceryn 5th Dec 2:56 AM, 2014
I don't think that poultice is happening after all.

And hey, Argus, you OK back there?
TolkienOverTwilight 5th Dec 7:16 AM, 2014
So... just FYI, it may be that it is 7:15am or it may be that I'm sensitive... but I jumped a little! My first thought it that well it's his freakin' name! But, could it be something else too? Part of a spell?
metaceryn 8th Dec 3:45 AM, 2014
Here's way too much thought put into literary interpretation at 12:45 am:
1: Argos was the name of Odysseus's dog, who lived in squalor just long enough to see his master return home.
2: In Hyginus's Fabulae, Argo is one of Actaeon's hunting dogs who dismembered him after Artemis turned him into a stag.
3: Animal symbolism, especially in transformation, is to the prototypical BatB story what left turns are to NASCAR.
4: Statues of of Artemis and Actaeon in the Castle Garden, which even Beauty thought was "a little heavy-handed."

Conclusion: either we know Beast's name, or a foreboding pseudonym he used for his sketches.

Also, 5: old academic habits never really die.
Also also, 6: classical mythology is messed up, yo.
MsMegan 8th Dec 12:31 PM, 2014
5000 points to Metaceryn, putting Gryffindor in the lead for the house cup.

(But don't worry. There's at least one other reference that hasnt been noted!)
Elkian 14th Jun 1:12 AM, 2016
Also, he had that dog (and had to kill her, which also appeared to be the main cause of his contracting). Either way, he's a dog person.
Okamikhearts 5th Dec 8:46 AM, 2014
Wasn't Adonis his dog...and what if the woman from chapter three pg 8 is part of this?
Ransom 5th Dec 11:40 AM, 2014

I've been reading this comic for awhile, but I only recently took the time to do a full archive binge and now feel caught up. I always look forward to new pages popping up on my RSS.

Based on my thorough (AKA, wikipedia) search, Argus was one of Actaeon's dogs that hunted him down after he was turned into a deer. We saw statutes of Diana and Actaeon earlier...

Could that be the connection? And what does that mean? I don't know, but I'm guessing nothing good.
Stitchlingbelle 5th Dec 5:04 PM, 2014
They way he's standing in that last panel makes me think he's trying very hard to let nothing be amiss...
KaylaRenee 7th Dec 1:36 PM, 2014
The flow on this page is excellent Megan!!!

And fingers crossed that our dear Beast has a name! His interest in botany makes me think that as a man he would have worked on making a plant journal. (Also, do all our Chapter covers come from this book?)
LabRat747 14th Dec 11:51 PM, 2014
hmm, Agrus is a Latin name derived from αργος (argos.) Shinning is a good translation and there are a few famous Argos in Greek myths.
However, my first thought was Agrus Flich - the grumpy caretaker at Hogwarts. (I need to cut back on brain candy books.)
lechuga 22nd Jul 2:00 AM, 2015
Of course, there's also Argus Panoptes, the all seeing. A giant with hundreds of eyes. Hera had him keep watch over Io--from Zeus--and as a result, Argus was slain by Hermes.

I think, "all seeing," is a good parallel to our beloved Argus. What with him being an emissary, the ambassador of the castle, but also a guardian and semi-watch dog for. . . whatever magic and intent is within.
MsMegan 22nd Jul 10:19 AM, 2015
Aaaand 50000 points to lechuga!
DawnStar 26th Jul 3:21 AM, 2015
May I just say how BEAUTIFULLY this page and the next are? It was just so perfect. I'm so sure this is Beast's true name. Argus's name. You capture his shock and emotions perfectly. I hope one day when I'm telling my stories I can create something that flows this well and beautifully.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 10:14 PM, 2015
This is such a great page. Beauty is so flustered by the Beast's compliment and then we get the Beast's reaction to the name "Argus." Not only does he drop his pestle, but the end of his tail looks even more fluffed up than usual! It seems probable that that's his true name and that that notebook once belonged to him - but why would the castle or its ruler give it to Beauty, then? I suppose the Beast could have done so, but I'm thinking not.
Loveless 18th Sep 9:54 PM, 2015
Nightshade- Bittersweet truth
Adonis- Sorrowful Remembrance
Solomons seal-Disdain/ simplicity (the flower was said to bind magical works and seal sacred oaths)

Also Adonis an incest baby who ended up being raised by Persephone and Aphrodite(they argued over who got him and Zeus was like share)(He was also such a hunk he ended up being their lovers) he gets killed by a boar/artemis/ares/whatever so Aphrodite is sad and sprinkles his blood making flowers.