Act Two, Chapter Three: 49

4th Jan 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 49
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th Jan 11:00 PM, 2015
How much toilet paper did I waste trying to figure out if I could tie one handed?

Why do you ask such silly questions.


cattservant 6th Jan 1:30 AM, 2015
Such verisimilitude.
Hope you didn't wipe out
your bathroom budget!
metaceryn 6th Jan 3:01 AM, 2015
*unhealthy vibration with impatience for Friday's update*
Paula Richey 6th Jan 6:47 AM, 2015
Did you tie left-handed, too? :)

Aw, Beast, you've been so careful not to touch her even incidentally and as it turns out she's really okay with it. For real. Really real. And it *is* fine.
No bottle-and-a-half of wine necessary.

in other news:
Today is my anniversary, so this update makes me extra happy :)
MsMegan 6th Jan 11:07 AM, 2015
Happy anniversary! And yes, left handed TP adventures at work. We're very serious there.
Paula Richey 6th Jan 11:58 AM, 2015
Thank you!
And I totally understand about using whatever's at hand for authenticity's sake :)
Hallan 7th Jan 12:07 AM, 2015
"What sort of life he leads, what his trade is, whether he works for a living, or if others work for him..."

...if he's been enchanted, how much he knows about claw grooming, how often he goes quadrupedal running...
MsMegan 7th Jan 8:58 AM, 2015
Beauty's classy enough to skirt those sort of direct allusions ;)
Hallan 8th Jan 7:20 AM, 2015
Ouch! I am skewered! ;)
Carolyn 8th Jan 3:43 PM, 2015
Good grief, it is wonderful how much depth the chatter in the comments section gives this comic. I mean, Ms. Megan, you give the characters so much life and nuance, and then you get the added bonus as of a "reader's companion" in the comments. Love it! Just got caught up again (was behind from around the beginning of November, yikes!!) and I must say I just love the research, snark, and speculation that's been going on.
MsMegan 8th Jan 11:00 PM, 2015
I am one of those artists who absolutely LIVES for the comments, and I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help myself -- I'm completley giddy whenever I get a new comment notification. It makes my day feel worth it.

I'm glad you find the chatter adds to the comic. I love hearing people's theories, and seeing who is on the right track. It's hard to know when to keep my yap shut! Of course, I love it just as much when everyone is satirizing these two hopeless losers (just ask each other to the middle school prom, already, the whole class knows you want to).

So THANK YOU so much! Comments are what motivate me to keep updating! <3
ChelseaDostert 9th Jan 2:46 AM, 2015
Hi Megan! :D
I've been following your comic recently and I have already read through the whole comic three different times. I am in love with the story of Beauty and the Beast in all of its forms, and am thrilled when I find a different adaption or rendition of the story. Your rendition is just brilliant! I have not been more excited for updates and my heart skips a beat and cares deeply for each moment and the characters you have developed in the story. Very well done!! I apologize for not commenting sooner! I didn't realize I could without an account on the site! Lol! A mistake I shan't make again! I cannot wait for the next update. :)
MsMegan 10th Jan 2:44 PM, 2015
Thank you Chelsea! Both for reading, and for commenting. I'll keep doing my best!
JustLikeWonderful 10th Jan 2:06 PM, 2015
OH GOD, I feel just like when I'm watching and korean dorama and there's that moment then "OMG THEY TOUCHED" happens. Is that a bit pathetic...? Oh, who cares, I still love it <3
MsMegan 10th Jan 2:43 PM, 2015
XD you should see ME being a giant nerd, getting all excited to draw certain scenes!
Michael 24th Apr 2:30 PM, 2017
What - all including keel over and/or nosebleed?
Lostariel 13th Jan 11:30 AM, 2015
I am cry.
Lithaenia 23rd Jan 8:30 AM, 2015
Ahhh!!! Been reading this comic for a while and only recently started reading the comment sections. So Love! Much Adorbs! Blushing and this innocent love that's growing makes me super happy. These days, it's all about the physical side and what can I get out of it. So thank you for making this young heart squee with the ships.
MsMegan 23rd Jan 9:35 AM, 2015
Eee! Yes, these two are really really taking it slow. I have a soft spot for slowly building relationships, and by necessity, there's not much that COULD happen physically here (er...probably?) so we're take our sweet time!
niccillustrates 26th Jan 11:40 PM, 2015
Ah!! And I thought the earlier pages were killing me (in the best way) but now I'm reduced to flailing after ever panel! :D This is an utter delight!!!
AbigailBrooks 22nd Aug 7:31 PM, 2015
(Chuckles.) I saw your comment about loving reader comments, so I hope these reviewing sprees please you. I'm hoping to catch up tonight, since I, for once, don't have a thousand things to do tonight (tomorrow yes, tonight, no).

Anyway, I love how Beauty takes his hands and reassures him, and how they manage to make sure her cut is all bound up. I forgot to mention in the last page how sweet it was for the Beast to say how gentle Beauty is to him. I doubt the Beast has known much gentleness in his life, so that definitely makes Beauty special.

As for this page...heh, I like that her father gave her that lesson. I'm interested in seeing what she learns from the Beast's hands...which sounds dirty, but you know what I mean.