Act Two, Chapter Three: 57

2nd Feb 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 57
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Feb 11:00 PM, 2015
so majestic.


The Doodler 3rd Feb 12:07 AM, 2015
The Doodler
Good for him!
Fluffy 3rd Feb 12:42 AM, 2015
Because you won't improve unless you keep trying. Keep it up, Beast! You can do it!
Xen Silver Quill 3rd Feb 12:57 AM, 2015
His tongue sticking out in that look of concentration, though. What a cutie! ;3
metaceryn 3rd Feb 1:07 AM, 2015
And here we were all expecting a Bonfire of the Faber-Castells. Keep practicing, Beast; we'll just...observe for a while.

(also omg that intently concentrating tongue <3)
Mistress Dizzy 3rd Feb 1:59 AM, 2015
Bonfire?! Those things are expensive. I don't care how pissed off you are.
rufiangel 3rd Feb 1:48 AM, 2015
Awww Beast! You sweetheart, don't you ever give up!
Laevateinn 3rd Feb 4:47 AM, 2015
Pfft! I don't know which makes me smile more - his tongue poking out, or how the tip of his tail wags in concentration. Good page, as always!
cattservant 3rd Feb 4:52 AM, 2015
Perseverance persists!
Hallan 3rd Feb 7:35 AM, 2015
I laughed over the tongue, then I applauded over the perseverence... and then I laughed again when Laevateinn pointed out his twitching tail. I love it. :)
Tevokkia 3rd Feb 8:11 AM, 2015
Awww, the tongue! Keep trying, Beast!
Paula Richey 3rd Feb 11:04 AM, 2015
Beast. Stop. Just a second.

Magic up a more durable pen. Okay? Okay.

(I'm very happy he isn't giving up and that he's remembered another aspect of his humanity to reclaim, but he's going to be at this all night, isn't he?)
MsMegan 3rd Feb 12:28 PM, 2015
He's probably at least somewhat nocturnal. Crepuscular, maybe. He'll be fine. He takes a lot of naps.
Hallan 4th Feb 5:49 PM, 2015
Paula, did you forget that any damage he does repairs itself? I think he grabbed a handful just so that he doesn't have to wait for one to repair itself before he can continue practicing. Snap- change to new pen. Snap- change to new pen. By the time he's gone through them all, the first few have repaired themselves. That's my guess, anyway. :)
Paula Richey 6th Feb 7:12 AM, 2015
No, I didn't forget :) it's just really hard to maintain "flow" - especially with something like calligraphy pens, which need a couple test scratches on scratch paper to literally flow properly every time you dip them - when your pen snaps every two or three strokes. That would be absolutely maddening. :)
Zuza 3rd Feb 11:29 AM, 2015
Ohhhh my god that concentration face! Baby! ;o;
Kawaii overload!!! 3rd Feb 4:06 PM, 2015
Whenever my pencil breaks, I just grab another pencil instead. But that's cause most of time I do pick up a pencil, I'm drawing something with it. So I use a lot of pencils real fast. Hey, I'm a doodler, so whatcha gonna do? *shrugs shoulders while smiling*
SlicedOnion 4th Feb 2:59 AM, 2015
Ha, awesome! This is not what I was expecting to happen on this page. I was totally expecting more giving up and brooding.

Yeah for character growth!
FireStorm55 4th Feb 1:09 PM, 2015
I wonder why he suddenly started taking it up again? Did the book remind him that he liked doing humany things like write (and draw?) and he kind of forgot because of the whole beast thing? Or maybe the book is a (unfinished? irreplaceable?) key to fixing his predicament that he'd thought was lost forever?
Carolyn 7th Feb 4:15 PM, 2015
The tongue. The tail twitch. May these expressions of dedication forever live on in our fangirl hearts. Beast, your persistence is stinkin' adorable.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Aug 9:02 PM, 2015
Awwwwww, good for you, Beast! Keep on trying, you'll get it with practice! We're so proud of you! I love how he sticks the tip of his tongue out while he's concentrating - I absolutely do that too when I'm trying to sketch something!