Act One, Chapter One: 22

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 22
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Kupocake 1st Sep 4:37 AM, 2012
Your comic is beautiful so far. Well done!
Boy Phaff 1st Sep 5:39 AM, 2012
Boy Phaff
An extraordinarily goodlooking comic!
Boy Phaff 1st Sep 5:40 AM, 2012
Boy Phaff
AAAAAaaah, comments are moderated. Ha! Sorry to have bothered you. Like your work, though, but I guess you guessed..
MsMegan 1st Sep 11:47 PM, 2012
haha, yes, they're moderated...More so I don't miss any than any real fear of spam, but it seemed better safe than sorry to start out! Thank you for all the messages, though --it made my morning!
Emma 1st Sep 1:41 PM, 2012
This is great so far! I can't wait to see what happens next. Very well done drawings.
Nicole 1st Sep 2:16 PM, 2012
Great first chapter. I like that we're getting right into the plot early gives us more time to get to know characters and have a really top-knotch plot. I liked the ominous prologue too. The idea that the Beast and her family have a history larger than what is going on right now. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Christian H 1st Sep 2:31 PM, 2012
And away she goes!
a Drop of Beauty 1st Sep 3:06 PM, 2012
a Drop of Beauty
Totally loving it so far :D
Good rendition of one of my favorite stories.
Lynn 1st Sep 8:38 PM, 2012
Lovely! I'm thoroughly enjoy this.
Rosengeist 1st Sep 10:14 PM, 2012
Such a lovely beginning and very mysterious too! Can't wait for more!
Savannah 10th Sep 5:54 PM, 2012
Megan this is so beautiful and well done.

I am so impressed! x
Dyl! 28th Nov 5:20 AM, 2012
Wow this chapter was wonderful, you should really consider collecting it!
Kim M 19th Dec 6:27 PM, 2012
The cottage looks so homey behind her. As Virtue mentioned, they've made a life here, and I love the visual sense that Beauty's leaving behind their constrained and cultivated land, with its warmth and coziness, and stepping into a chill and uncontrollable unknown.
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 3:53 PM, 2013
Yep, there she goes. She sneaks out in this, which seems to contradict what happens in the webcomic trailer, but again, that scene might actually be the second time she leaves home and not the first. I...can't even imagine how this will horrify her family. Her father will believe she's living out his sentence, while the others, who don't believe his story, will probably think she went and died in the woods, searching for the Beast's lair. (Shivers.) This will probably be a major factor in why they try to get her to stay with them when she visits later on (I'm assuming this will happen, in any case). But yeah, they won't be able to find her (because MAGIC) and will probably assume the worst....
sheshallnotbenameless 21st Aug 10:17 PM, 2013
Aaand it's the end of Chapter One! This seems like a good place to stop for tonight with my comment-spamming. It's so sad how she doesn't say a word to her family before leaving, but they'd only stop her. Plus, Virtue seemed pretty weak. One more shock might send her into the real contractions. Ah, I can't wait to reread the next chapter! <3